Gore’s Gargantuan Prediction Disappears

Al Gore is incorrect once more. See the comparative graph below. Full article courtesy of Mail Online August 30, 2014:

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by Dr. Susan Berry

15 JANUARY 2014

While proponents of the Common Core claim that the new standards are focused on “college and career readiness,” more evidence is surfacing that a central purpose of the initiative is social justice and income redistribution indoctrination.

Social justice indoctrination in Common Core is not just limited to language arts.

Radical Math is a group founded by Jonathan Osler who teaches math and community organizing at a Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) high school in Brooklyn, New York. Its website states Radical Math is “a resource for educators interested in integrating issues of social and economic justice into their math classes and curriculum.”

The CES reform movement, whose purpose is to indoctrinate students with a Marxist-Communist political and social ideology, had been supported and expanded through the efforts of President Obama and his fellow community organizer Bill Ayers when both worked on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the 1990s.

As Danette Clark wrote at EAG News, Common Core “architect” David Coleman’s Grow Network also worked with Chicago Public Schools, Obama, and Ayers during that time. In addition, Linda Darling-Hammond, who served as an advisor for the Bay Area CES, served as Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign education advisor and has more recently beeninvolved in the development of the Common Core assessments.

Radical Math will sponsor the sixth annual conference of an organization called Creating Balance in an Unjust World, from January 17th-19th at University High School in Los Angeles. The keynote speaker at the conference is announced as Dr. Jane Margolis, a senior researcher at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, whose work has focused on “equity in education and how fields become segregated.”

The organization’s website states the theme of its conference this year will be “equity in technology access as it relates to mathematics education.”

As Clark notes, one of the founders and organizers of Radical Math’s Creating Balanceconference is Kari Kokka, who, along with Darling-Hammond, is on the staff of theStanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE), the organization that is creating the assessments for the Common Core standards.

Radical Math boasts over 700 lesson plans, articles, charts, books, and websites that cover a wide range of socio-political issues including redistribution of wealth, discrimination against the poor by whites, corporations, banks, etc., and the message that widespread racism against blacks continues in the United States today.

Some of the Radical Math resources include Guide for Integrating Issues of Economic and Social Justice into Mathematics Curriculum, in which teachers are urged to educate students about topics such as prisons, racial profiling, and the death penalty, using math curriculum, and Rethinking Mathematics – Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers, which boasts ideas and resources for teachers to help their students think critically about social justice issues.

Among Radical Math’s “Favorite Websites” is Rethinking Schools, an initiative that “remains firmly committed to equity and to the vision that public education is central to the creation of a humane, caring, multiracial democracy.”

Visitors to the Rethinking Schools website can order the latest edition of Rethinking Multicultural Education, a book that focuses on “teaching for racial and cultural justice.” One of the book’s reviewers is President Obama’s associate, Ayers, who says about the book:

The discourse about education and school reform has been dominated for decades by market metaphors and notions of schooling as a commodity. The urgency of now—this era of “Yes, we can”—is to upend that discourse, and to focus on the unique qualities that define education in a robust democracy: access and equity, of course, but also the full recognition and incalculable value of every human being. Rethinking Multicultural Education is an essential text as we name the schools we deserve, and struggle to bring them to life in classrooms across the land.

Rethinking Schools salutes Ayers, whom it describes as a “longtime supporter” and a “loyal donor.” Ayers is praised as a “highly accomplished teacher and educator who has worked tirelessly to improve public education [and who] has distinguished himself as a dedicated and committed teacher and child advocate throughout his 25-plus year career as an educator.” 



Counsel From Our First President

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“It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn.”

~ George Washington, letter to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, 1789

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Photo: “It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn.”

~ George Washington, letter to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, 1789

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This Speaks For Itself



– George Washington, First Inaugural Address, April 30, 1789; Fitzpatrick 30:292-293
Photo: – George Washington, First Inaugural Address, April 30, 1789; Fitzpatrick 30:292-293


Do We Treat The Constitution This Way Today?

An inspiring quote from a leader who was led by God Himself.

“Without a predilection for my own judgment, I have weighed with attention every argument, which has at any time been brought into view. But the Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon. It has assigned to the President the power of making treaties, with the advice and consent of the senate.

It was doubtless supposed that these two branches of government would combine, without passion, [and with the best means of information], those facts and principles upon which the success of our foreign relations will always depend: that they ought not to substitute for their own conviction the opinions of others.”

  George Washington, address to the Boston Selectmen, July 28, 1795; Fitzpatrick 34:253

Commitment To Or Abandonment Of The United States, Which Is It Mr. President?

by Jim Valenti     August 21, 2014

 It is abundantly clear that Obama loves the power and perks of being president but decries the work the office requires.

The president INTERRUPTED HIS VACATION to deal with the beheading of an American photojournalist by ISIS recently. He gave the press conference on this horrible tragedy and then resumed his golf game at Martha’s Vineyard with retired basketball star Alonzo Mourning. What?

Don’t you think there is something wrong with the incomplete, unhealthy response of resuming a golf game after confirmation of the most unfortunate incident to date involving an American overseas?

I would have cut my vacation short, gone back to Washington, and started working on the associated problems of this ISIS incident. And I would have done it with complete sincerity and pure intent, not gone back to Washington just for political show. But, that’s just me.

This president stays on the golf course and grooms a relationship of personal significance with a former NBA star instead of developing any relationship of personal significance with the people of the United States during this ISIS crisis.

Working for the American people is a tertiary occupation at best for Obama. 

Planned Parenthood Promotes Sexual Violence

by Joe Ortwerth  of the Missouri Family Policy Council

August 20, 2014 

 A new series of undercover investigations has revealed employees of Planned Parenthood counseling teenagers to engage in dangerous sadomasochistic practices.
The group LiveAction has once again released the results of videotaped conversations that Planned Parenthood staff members have with teenage clients.

In one video, a Planned Parenthood worker tells teenage girls that “some people like being spanked or hit or whipped.” Another worker tells a young teen that “patients sometimes come in with rope burns and markings…if it’s consensual, it’s okay…it will feel good to you.”

In yet another video, the Planned Parenthood employee suggests that a minor couple use a leather whip to beat each other in the abdomen, back, and lower extremities, and bite each other hard enough to draw some blood.

In yet another instance, a Planned Parenthood “counselor” discusses with a girl the idea of being handcuffed to a bed while her boyfriend hits and whips her.

In yet other videos, Planned Parenthood employees suggest “sexual exploration” can include urination, defecation, and asphyxiation.

These revolting episodes prompted a harsh commentary from LiveAction founder Lila Rose.  “These investigations reveal explicit endorsement by Planned Parenthood of violent and harmful sexual practices to boys and girls as young as 15 years old.”

“These shocking videos lay bare Planned Parenthood’s sexual ethos for kids,” Rose continues.  “Abusive, demeaning and violent sexual behavior is ‘normal’ and “okay”…This needs to serve as a wake-up call to America’s parents.”

“It seems that the thing Planned Parenthood is most terrified of telling anyone is ‘don’t’–even if it’s a commonsense warning against the extreme physical, emotional, and mental harm these practices can cause to minors,” Rose adds.

Rose points out that over $500 million in taxpayer funding is doled out to Planned Parenthood each year for its “health care services.”

“Taxpayers, and especially parents, need to know where their money is going.  This is compulsory government funding going toward extremely questionable programs and dangerous advice for our nation’s teens.”

Previous LiveAction investigations have uncovered Planned Parenthood employees willing to cover up statutory rape, work with human traffickers, and accept donations to abort preborn black children.

You can sign a petition seeking to defund Planned Parenthood by clicking this link:
Defund Planned Parenthood

You can read more about the work of LiveAction by using this link:


St. Louis Abortion Clinic Escapes State Health Inspections


by Joe Ortwerth of Missouri Family Policy Council

August 20, 2014

The Missouri Family Policy Council has learned that Missouri’s major abortion clinic has not undergone required state health and safety inspections for most of the last decade and a half.  State health officials haveonly conducted annual inspections of the Reproductive Health Services (RHS) clinic in St. Louis City’s Central West End in six of the last fourteen years.

State law stipulates that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) shall inspect and investigate abortion clinics “as it deems necessary.”  However, state regulations require that abortion facilities such as RHS be surveyed each year as part of an annual license renewal process.  The on-site survey, or inspection, is mandated to ensure that the facility is in “substantial compliance” with state health and safety guidelines.

The Missouri Family Policy Council filed a Sunshine Law request with DHSS officials concerning the history of state health inspections of the RHS clinic operated by
Planned Parenthood.  That information reveals that the RHS clinic was not inspected by the state in the years 2004 to 2008 and in the years 2010 to 2012.  State health officials have purged all records prior to 2001 which would reveal not only the results of abortion clinic inspections but whether the inspections even occurred in the first place.
Department officials say that the on-site inspections were not conducted “due to staff limitations.”  Department staff have been unable to offer any further explanation as to why the Department had failed to comply with its own regulations during those years.  

Officials from the Department say that records of inspections prior to 2001 are unavailable because of “record retention” policies.

It would seem that the failures of state health officials to conduct annual abortion clinic inspections do not reflect any political ideology.  Inspections were not conducted during one year of the Holden Administration, three years of the Nixon Administration, and all four years of the Blunt Administration.

The controversy over abortion clinic inspections occurs against the backdrop of heightened concerns over the health and safety practices of Missouri’s only remaining abortion clinic.  Operation Rescue and Defenders of the Unborn have documented 26 instances in the last five years in which ambulances transported women from the St. Louis abortion clinic to nearby hospitals.

The latest incident occurred on July 10th when an ambulance and fire truck arrived at the fortress-like facility on Forest Park Avenue.  Clinic workers held sheets to shield the stretcher as the woman was loaded

into the emergency response vehicle.  The ambulance then promptly left with its lights flashing.

It was noticeable that this time the ambulance that arrived was that of a private company.  Pro-life activists believe that the private service may have been called so that Planned Parenthood staff could avoid calling St. Louis City’s 9-1-1 emergency dispatching center.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Operation Rescue against the St. Louis City Fire Department seeking complete records of 9-1-1 calls made from the Planned Parenthood facility.    While Operation Rescue was supplied with a total of 57

dispatching transcripts, the records were so heavily redacted of information that even the dates of the calls were removed. 

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, says it is essential that the city provide full disclosure of all non-confidential information.  “Information we get from 9-1-1 calls has been valuable at revealing the truth about what is going on behind the closed doors of abortion clinics. 

“We have used it to protect women from shoddy and dangerous practices that have injured and even killed ladies at abortion facilities around the nation,” Newman adds.  “Without access to this public information, the

abortion clinics can continue to exploit women for profit by cutting corners on patient care standards–all under the guise of secrecy.”

The most recent inspection of the Reproductive Health Services clinic, which occurred in January of this year, found rusty surgical tables, suction abortion machines, IV stands, and other equipment.  The survey also found expired drugs and violations of infection prevention protocol.

Two members of the Missouri General Assembly filed legislation this past session which would have tightened the state’s inspection process for abortion clinics. Senator Wayne Wallingford and Representative Kathy Swan, both from Cape Girardeau, filed bills that would have placed an express requirement in state law that abortion clinics be inspected four times a year.

The bills would have also authorized state officials to immediately close an abortion clinic if they discovered “an immediate and serious risk of harm to the health and safety of the patients.”  The bills were revised during the legislative process to only require one formal on-site inspection each year.  Neither of the bills succeeded in gaining final passage before the legislative session adjourned.   The proposals are expected to be reintroduced next year.

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in St. Louis is now the only licensed abortion facility in the state of Missouri.  The license of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Columbia lapsed last summer.  Department officials say that it no longer met the definition of an abortion facility. 

Under state law, a facility that performs abortions must be licensed if it performs five or more first-trimester abortions per month, or performs any second or third-trimester abortions.  The abortion license of Planned Parenthood’s Brous Center in Kansas City also has lapsed.  Chemical abortions had been provided at that facility.

Nearly half of abortions performed on Missouri women are conducted at abortion clinics outside Missouri.  One of those clinics, Aid for Women in Kansas City, Kansas, closed in late July after the doctor who performed abortions there supposedly retired.  The clinic had a notorious past, including the improper dumping of patient records, which contained the names of 86 women “served” by the clinic, along with their phone numbers and copies of their driver’s licenses.

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Morsi’s Wife Threatens Publishing Hillary Clinton Letters, Exposing “Special Relationship” Between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

by Pamela Geller  of  freedomoutpost.com      August 15, 2014

For five years, I have documented Obama’s covert, and later overt, support of the terror group. Many MB operatives sit in key positions in the Obama administration. Obama worked early in his presidency to bring the Brotherhood to power, and he did just that. There is more about this in my book, The Post American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s war on America.

But this? This is high treason. And why all the secrecy if Obama believed that this was good for America? What is the point of all the hiding of his jihad collaborations? Because it’s treason, and lethal for America, and he knows it. So the snake has to hide, and Hillary, his Secretary of Sloth, has been pimping for jihad since she lip-locked with Suha Arafat.

Morsi’s wife threatens to publish letters from Hillary Clinton, exposing “special relationship” between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

The wife of former Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi is the latest Muslim Brotherhood “insider” to threaten to expose the special relationship between Morsi and the Obama administration—a relationship the latter insists never existed.

Nagla Mahmoud, Morsi’s wife, is reportedly angry at some statements recently made by Hillary Clinton, including that Morsi was “naïve” and “unfit for Egypt’s presidency,” as reported by Arabic media.

In the words of El-Mogaz News, Morsi’s wife “is threatening to expose the special relationship between her husband and Hillary Clinton, after the latter attacked the ousted [president], calling him a simpleton who was unfit for the presidency.  Sources close to Nagla confirmed that she has threatened to publish the letters exchanged between Morsi and Hillary.”

The report CONTINUES by saying that Nagla accuses Hillary of denouncing her former close ally, the Brotherhood’s Morsi, in an effort to foster better relations with his successor, Egypt’s current president, Sisi—even though, as Nagla laments, “he [Morsi] was faithful to the American administration.”

Earlier, the son of Khairat al-Shatter—another top ranking Brotherhood member who WAS ARRESTED during the June 2013 revolution that ousted Morsi—made similar assertions, threatening to expose documents that would “undermine his [U.S. president Obama’s] political future and land him in PRISON.”

Despite all these similar threats from Brotherhood insiders, and despite all the other evidence, the Obama administration insists that its relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood was no more special than its relationships to other Egyptian parties.

Freely Helping Others Is Godly, Forced Redistribution Is Satanical

by Jim Valenti     August 13, 2014

Certain rights are manufactured by man. Certain unalienable rights are given to us by God through an inspired document called The Constitution Of The United States.

Rights manufactured by man have a limited life cycle. The rights we are blessed with by God are unalienable. They cannot be transferred. They permanently belong to “we, the people”. Each one of us, as individuals, have these unalienable rights. They are eternal.

Man-made rights are limited in life cycle and often bless certain segments of society short term to the detriment of other segments of society. Rights given to us by God bless the individual and leave no one out.

Seek the following examples:

1) Under the Constitution, everyone is entitled to certain equal rights. The right to life. The right to liberty. The right to pursue your own happiness etc. Those rights are unalienable or God given. They will never change even if man attempts to subvert them by malevolent means.

2) While all of us are entitled, via heavenly approval, to equal rights, we are not entitled to equal things. This “equal things” category is described as the “redistribution of wealth” concept. This redistribution of wealth concept is man made. It is unhealthy for mankind. It has weak legs and will eventually falter under its own weight.

The false concept of “redistribution” throughout society has many deleterious effects. For example, if we were all entitled to equal things what would happen to the spiritual truth Jesus taught that you reap what you sow?

If I am raising corn, and it comes time to harvest that product after all my toil and labor, should I be forced to give 10% of my product away to my neighbor? I should not be forced to “redistribute” to my neighbor. I should freely give to my neighbor.

Why is this so? Here we have two different methods with two different results. One freely gives; the other forces.

Choosing to help those in less fortunate circumstances ends up blessing all parties involved. Choosing to help others causes personal growth to occur in either or both parties. Choosing to help others less fortunate is a matter of the heart which cannot be legislated. Helping by choice leaves the individual in need still accountable. Most importantly, choosing to help others less fortunate is a holy, pure, heaven sent exercise.

Forced redistribution of wealth blesses no one. Generally, forced redistribution stifles personal, positive economic blessings from happening to the receiving party. Forced redistribution is controlled by a governmental entity and not the individual. Helping others by force leaves the individual in a stale state. They feel and are stuck. Forced redistribution is fraudulent and satanical. Why? Because it’s by force. This method is not approved by heaven.

Helping others is a personal choice, not something you force on someone. I should choose to help others instead of being compelled by someone or some governmental entity to do so. Personal growth comes through the principle of free, ongoing, proper choices.

Choices through force, hinder personal growth and development. Choices through force are like plants that need sunshine to grow but are put in a dark room and never receive the light which is needed.

Choices through the godly principle of agency, or freedom to choose, foster personal growth like no other. This agency, or freedom of choice, is a principle which God has ordained to be holy and pure. Properly understood, agency, or the freedom to choose, will help you become wise beyond your years. Simply put, wise choices, when young, produce a wise adult which is good for the family he or she will eventually have and good for society as well.