Freely Helping Others Is Godly, Forced Redistribution Is Satanical

by Jim Valenti     August 13, 2014

Certain rights are manufactured by man. Certain unalienable rights are given to us by God through an inspired document called The Constitution Of The United States.

Rights manufactured by man have a limited life cycle. The rights we are blessed with by God are unalienable. They cannot be transferred. They permanently belong to “we, the people”. Each one of us, as individuals, have these unalienable rights. They are eternal.

Man-made rights are limited in life cycle and often bless certain segments of society short term to the detriment of other segments of society. Rights given to us by God bless the individual and leave no one out.

Seek the following examples:

1) Under the Constitution, everyone is entitled to certain equal rights. The right to life. The right to liberty. The right to pursue your own happiness etc. Those rights are unalienable or God given. They will never change even if man attempts to subvert them by malevolent means.

2) While all of us are entitled, via heavenly approval, to equal rights, we are not entitled to equal things. This “equal things” category is described as the “redistribution of wealth” concept. This redistribution of wealth concept is man made. It is unhealthy for mankind. It has weak legs and will eventually falter under its own weight.

The false concept of “redistribution” throughout society has many deleterious effects. For example, if we were all entitled to equal things what would happen to the spiritual truth Jesus taught that you reap what you sow?

If I am raising corn, and it comes time to harvest that product after all my toil and labor, should I be forced to give 10% of my product away to my neighbor? I should not be forced to “redistribute” to my neighbor. I should freely give to my neighbor.

Why is this so? Here we have two different methods with two different results. One freely gives; the other forces.

Choosing to help those in less fortunate circumstances ends up blessing all parties involved. Choosing to help others causes personal growth to occur in either or both parties. Choosing to help others less fortunate is a matter of the heart which cannot be legislated. Helping by choice leaves the individual in need still accountable. Most importantly, choosing to help others less fortunate is a holy, pure, heaven sent exercise.

Forced redistribution of wealth blesses no one. Generally, forced redistribution stifles personal, positive economic blessings from happening to the receiving party. Forced redistribution is controlled by a governmental entity and not the individual. Helping others by force leaves the individual in a stale state. They feel and are stuck. Forced redistribution is fraudulent and satanical. Why? Because it’s by force. This method is not approved by heaven.

Helping others is a personal choice, not something you force on someone. I should choose to help others instead of being compelled by someone or some governmental entity to do so. Personal growth comes through the principle of free, ongoing, proper choices.

Choices through force, hinder personal growth and development. Choices through force are like plants that need sunshine to grow but are put in a dark room and never receive the light which is needed.

Choices through the godly principle of agency, or freedom to choose, foster personal growth like no other. This agency, or freedom of choice, is a principle which God has ordained to be holy and pure. Properly understood, agency, or the freedom to choose, will help you become wise beyond your years. Simply put, wise choices, when young, produce a wise adult which is good for the family he or she will eventually have and good for society as well.

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