Four Centuries of American Education by David Barton 8/30/2013

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Below is a synopsis of my friend, David Barton and his analysis of early education and the degree of academic rigor involved. While I have never met Mr. Barton, I consider him a friend. He speaks academic truth in this synopsis. Carefully read his thoughts about education in the 1800’s and see how tests from those days had much more academic rigor than we currently have.           jim


Four Centuries of American Education by David Barton 

America is now entering its fifth century of educating students. For every generation throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, providing and obtaining a good education has been a major emphasis; it was that way when the first colonists arrived here four centuries ago, and that goal remains unchanged today in the 21st century. But by what standard should a good education be measured? While some would measure it only by technological advances, it should also be measured by the content a student has learned and by how well that student has been taught to think and to reason. Unfortunately, although the technological advances over the past fifty years have been significant, there is abundant evidence that the cognitive advances have lagged far behind.

Early Academic Standards 

Consider, for example, some of the fourth grade questions from an 1862 geography test in Chicago public schools:

How many degrees of longitude are there?

How many degrees wide are the temperate zones?

What is a watershed?

While these questions were reflective of basic fourth grade knowledge in 1862, today this material is studied only in much higher grades, if at all. Consider also the basic math content of previous generations. Arithmetic was one of the most popular elementary math texts in early American schools; notice some of its questions:

I insured 2/3 of a shop worth $3600, and 4/5 of a house worth $6000, paying $126: what was the rate of insurance?

How much money must be given with nine $100 shares at 15% discount, in exchange for eight $100 bonds at 2% discount? 2

These were elementary math problems during the 1860s!

Consider also the math problems from an 1877 mental math text (that is, a text in which students solved the problems mentally no pencil or paper allowed):

A boat worth $864  of which 1/8 belonged to A, 1/4 to B, and the rest to C  was lost; what loss did each sustain, it having been insured for $500?

On a farm, there are 60 animals horses, cows, and sheep; for each horse there are 3 cows, and for each cow there are 2 sheep: how many animals of each kind? 3

If 7 men can do a piece of work in 4 days, in what time can it be done if 3 of the men leave when the work is half completed? 4

 These were mental math problems for elementary students in 1877!

Consider the questions in an 1882 history text:

What is a writ of habeas corpus?

What is a bill of attainder?

What is an ex-post-facto law?

Enumerate the powers denied to the several States.

What are bills of credit?

How many of today’s elementary students or, for that matter, how many adults in this so-called modern and advanced age could answer these questions from a century ago?

One final example of the educational rigor of previous generations is illustrated by the Federalist Papers.

Written in 1787-1788 by three prominent Founding Fathers (James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay) to explain why a federal Constitution was needed, even today this work is still considered the single most authoritative source on the intent of the Constitution.

A law professor in Alabama 7 currently requires his law students to read the Federalist Papers. And why not? Before those students can become attorneys, they will swear an oath to uphold the Constitution; so why not learn about the intent of the document they will swear to uphold? Those law students  enrolled in graduate level studies regularly complain to him about the difficulty of reading that work.

He nods sympathetically and responds: “I understand. This book was not written for someone at your educational level; this book was written for the common, average, upstate New York farmer of 1787. Perhaps some day you will attain the educational level of those early New York farmers!”

via Four Centuries of American Education by David Barton.


Just Wondering

Help me understand something, if you will. Why do I hear, very often, that the United States is a democracy? We are not a democracy, we are a republic.

For a long time I have wondered why we are referred to this way.

Chew on that for a while as I research more fully the differences between the two [2] descriptions.

I do know this. The United States of America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy, as is so often quoted, even by those who represent us.

I’ll get back to you soon with an honest understanding of the differences.

Government Shutdown? Blame Barack Obama or Harry Reid

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A great article from FREEDOM OUTPOST.COM. Please pay careful attention. Thank you.       jim


by Frank Salvato       August 25, 2013

There are two statements one can make with certainty about the current situation inside the beltway. First, truth is a rare commodity.

What was promised to be the most transparent administration in American history has proven to, by comparison, make Richard Nixon’s Administration look like Wikileaks.

And second, the Republican Party, at its highest level, has a lethal messaging problem. These two truths combine for a moment in time when the United States government is not only susceptible to Progressive despotism, but well down the road to succumbing to it.

Where the transparency and honesty of the Obama Administration is concerned, the examples of dishonesty are many. From using the Internal Revenue Service to cripple their ideological and political opponents to advancing fiction as the cause of the slaughter of four Americans by al Qaeda operative in a quest for an election victory, the list of matters ringing dishonest emanating from this administration is profound:

The IRS scandal

Benghazi cover-up

The NSA surveillance scandal

Spying on the media

Fast & Furious

Being able to keep your current coverage under Obamacare

The Pigford debacle with Sebelius violating the Hatch Act

The use of secret emails by agency heads Solyndra

Dropping prosecution of the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation

The list goes on and on and on, all the while the mainstream media provides cursory coverage at best, even as they provide rhetorical cover for the administration’s misdeeds.

But perhaps the most dishonest misinformation emanating from the Obama White House – and from the Democrat and Progressive controlled Senate, for that matter, is that Republicans want to shut down government. This out-and-out lie was false in 2011 and it is false today.

Since Republicans wrestled control of the US House of Representatives from the talons of Nancy Pelosi and her Progressive coven, the House has satisfied its constitutional obligation to craft and pass a budget, on time, each and every year, including for 2014.

Conversely, Democrats and Progressives in the Senate have manufactured gimmicks and excuses to elude their budgetary obligations.

On January 7th, 2013, The Washington Examiner’s Byron York wrote:

“Tuesday marks the 1,350th day since the Senate passed a budget. The law requires Congress to pass a budget every year, on the grounds that Americans deserve to know how the government plans to spend the trillions of taxpayer dollars it collects, along with dollars it borrows at the taxpayers’ expense. But Majority Leader Harry Reid, who last allowed a budget through the Senate in April 2009, has ignored the law since then. “

There’s no mystery why. The budget passed by large Democrat majorities in the first months of the Obama administration had hugely elevated levels of spending in it. By not passing a new spending plan since, Reid has in effect made those levels the new budgetary baseline.

Congress has kept the government going with continuing resolutions based on the last budget signed into law.

“While Reid has forbidden action, the House has passed budgets as required. Senate Democrats have been highly critical of those budgets, designed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. But under Reid’s leadership, Democrats have steadfastly refused to come up with a plan of their own.”

Yet the narrative advanced by Reid, his Democrat Senate cronies and the White House is that it is Republicans who exist as “the party of ‘no’” in the US Congress. The facts, as they present, prove otherwise. Which leads us to the current misinformation spin being advanced by the Progressives in Washington, DC: The Republicans want to shut down government over Obamacare. Truth be told, even the staunchest TEA Partier in the House and/or Senate has gone on record as not wanting to shut down government.

Article I, Sections 7, 8 and 9, respectively, of the United States Constitution states mandates that the “power of the purse” resides solely with the US House of Representatives: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills…” “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States…”

“No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

A plan being advanced by the fiscally responsible in the US House proposes to fully fund the US federal government, devoid of any funding for the notorious and ill-crafted Affordable Care Act.

The facts surrounding the proposal are thus: Government funding through the Continuing Resolution will expire on September 30th. The House should pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the entire federal government, except for Obamacare. To do so, the Continuing Resolution should include the Defund Obamacare Act (HR2682/S1292) to explicitly prohibit mandatory and discretionary Obamacare spending.If Republicans stand together, with 218 votes in the House and 41 in the Senate, we can win.

House Republicans should send the Senate a Continuing Resolution that fully funds the government without funding Obamacare, and Senate Republicans should ensure that no Continuing Resolution providing Obamacare funding is signed into law. If Republicans do this, President Obama and Harry Reid will falsely accuse Republicans of threatening a government shutdown. But only they control whether to shut down the government just to implement their failed law.

To date, more than 60 House Republicans and 14 Senate Republicans have joined in this effort. The likes of Richard Shelby (R-AL), John McCain (R-AZ), Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Roy Blount (R-MO), Richard Burr (R-NC), Tom Coburn (R-OK), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Bob Corker (R-TN), and Orin Hatch (R-UT) have come out against the measure for what can only be construed as purely political reasons.

Given that the Progressives of the Obama White House and the Reid Senate have no issue with crafting falsehoods to advance their political power, Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and fiscally conservative Democrats should admit this inevitability.

Whether fiscally responsible Republicans fund government devoid of Obamacare or not, Progressives and Democrats – including their sycophants in the mainstream media – are going to blame the GOP for any and all push back on the budget, the debt ceiling and the implementation of Obamacare, no matter what Republicans do. This makes it all the more frustrating, if not infuriating, that Republicans at the national level – both elected and not – are miserable at messaging.

In the last decades Republicans have shown not only a weakness in being able to message; to convey simple cognitive thoughts, to the American people, they have displayed a complete inability to craft and take control of “the narrative,” pre-emptively.

And while “establishment Republicans” (many of whom are Progressive elitists in their own right) blame their inability to communicate to the American people on a “fracture within the party,” this avoids the stark truth that the national Republican party hasn’t had a coherent message or employed a potent counter-measure to the Progressive message since the days of Ronald Reagan.

(A note about the “fracture within the party: It is more a confrontation between moderate Republicans who have allowed the party to be “nudged” to the ideological Left continuously and without reciprocation during their tenure, and those loyal to the party’s charter and tenets circa 1856; those identified as the TEA Party faction of the Republican Party; those advancing the “Defund Obamacare” movement in Congress.

To wit, establishment Republicans didn’t want Ronald Reagan as their nominee either. He would have been considered a TEA Partier had the movement existed in his day.) That said, the only thing keeping the Defund Obamacare initiative from saving the country from economic devastation and a nation devoid of individual rights is intestinal fortitude; courage and conviction.

On August 21st, 2013, a gunman, armed with an AK-47 and over 500 rounds of ammunition, entered a Georgia elementary school. Michael Brandon Hill, a 20-year-old man with a history of mental health issues, proceeded to take the school bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuff, hostage, in what could have been yet another senseless tragedy; another murderous rampage. Instead, the situation resolved in Mr. Hill being taken into custody unharmed, the children of the school safe and sound, all because Ms. Tuff had the courage to try to do the right thing. Ms. Tuff talked the would-be gunman into surrendering and seeking medical attention.

Because of Ms. Tuff’s courage, because of her willingness to put the good of the children before her own self-preservation, everyone involved in the incident lives to see another day: Hill gets the help he needs and the children live to embrace their futures.

That the “establishment Republicans” on Capitol Hill would display the same courage as Ms. Tuff when it comes to doing the right thing; when it comes to making a decision to take a stand; when it comes to placing the good of the people above political self-preservation. Sadly, there are very few Antoinette Tuffs on Capitol Hill. Sadly, there are very few Antoinette Tuff’s in the Republican Party. But there was a time when this was not the case.


“It’s The Economy Stupid” under Barack Obama

Here are some recent economic facts from the August 22, 2013 airing of  “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, regarding the Obama administration and its abysmal failure to handle the  US economy.

1) Seven (7) out of every eight (8) new jobs which have been created have been part time

2) 54 % of American workers make less than $30,000.00 a year

3) Obama has increased the average duration of unemployment assistance from 20 weeks in 2009 to 37 weeks in 2013.

4) More than 8 million Americans are currently out of work

5) When Obama took office the deficit with China was 268 billion. 2012 figures state our deficit was 315 billion that year.

6) Current poverty rate in the United States is 16%. Much higher than when the war on poverty was declared in 1965.

7) Americans receiving food stamps in President Obama’s first term increased by 11,000 every single day.

8) In 2009, when Obama took office, the price of gas was $1.85 per gal. Current price is $3.53 per gallon.

9) The average worker’s health care costs have risen 29% since Obama took office.

Democrats blame “income inequality” for these statistics. Not so. Try this on for size: It’s the wrong headed monster called “redistribution of wealth.” It’s the wrong headed monster called “mismanagement of the US economy”. It’s the wrong headed monster of giving someone something for nothing. It’s the wrong headed monster of the government giving free cell phones away.

Comparatively, very few want to do it right and get a proper education and work up the ladder.

Our ability to choose for ourselves and what’s best for each of us, in every part of our lives, is slowly being whittled away. Very few are heeding the cries of those currently warning of these things.

Please beware. Start a food storage program. Get your house in order and remain self-reliant. Time is short for us to prepare ourselves in every way possible so when the onslaught really comes, our houses will be passed over. The difference is in calm, sustained, personal and family preparation, not an unprepared, frenzied response to external factors over which we have no control.

Keep your wits about you. Look for bargains. Learn another skill or two. Financially, save what you can. Grow a garden. Learn how to can foods. Pay your mortgage off early, if possible. Have garage or flea market sales occasionally. Read the scriptures and pray as part of your preparation plan. Most of all, remain calm and focused while maintaining awareness of ever changing circumstances in your world.

Remember, with all the garbage going on, we can still choose to be happy. I am.

Washington or Obama? The General or the Law Professor? 8/22/2013

George Washington, the father of our inspired country, warns us with this quote: “And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.”

What does that mean?

Have you ever heard of someone saying: “I can be moral without being religious?” Why is that an untrue statement?

It is an untrue statement because morality is rooted in religion and its practice. Morality grows out of religion. The foundation of one’s own moral compass has religion as its base. Religion is the father of morality. One can comfortably describe what his or her morals are if they personally practice their religion.

I often hear people make statements like “I can be moral without being religious”, or “Religion doesn’t matter anyway, it’s my morals that count.”  “My personal morality is what guides my life, not anyone else’s.” These and other similar statements made by many—are general cover for encouraging all to “do their own thing”.

While everyone has a right to believe in who, where or what they may, let me explain a little further this concept of moral relativism.

When proper morals are absent from personal lifestyle it becomes very difficult for true happiness to take hold or individual spiritual progression to occur. Proper morals are based in true religion, not man made philosophies. Man made philosophies cause us to remain endlessly adrift, the results of which are often an empty life without pure purpose.

So, when we are reminded of the statement George Washington gave in the beginning here, let us, with caution, remember it, for in its simplicity is profound, true thought; not just some fancy, philosophical statement which makes us feel good temporarily.

I bring this to the forefront because, I can say, with a high degree of confidence, I would take counsel from George Washington long before I would Barack Obama.

The writings of George Washington have deeper, inspired meaning and are of greater eternal import than the writings of Barack Obama will ever be. In fact, the writings of Barack Obama will have little eternal import. Why so? Here’s why.

When you have a life of some value that the American people can learn from; that value is immediately counterbalanced and becomes unworthy when you set out trying to destroy the country. When you lie time after time after time. When you sway with the political winds, you are tossed to and fro. You are never consistent.

Obama wants enough of the electorate constantly confused about issues that they vote for him, in spite of their uncertainty. How do you accomplish this? The president, his underlings in the White House and most media must have double tongued messages. To have such circular conversations produces little accomplishment. They know that. The scriptures say “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Barack Obama is a double minded man. George Washington was not double minded. He was secure in himself. He was decisive. He genuinely listened. He built all people up in his day. He spoke eloquently and clearly with sincerity and honesty. God was with him. Divine intervention saved him on many an ocassion. I would want to copy his life.

I would always take financial advice from George Washington. I would never, and I repeat, never, take it from Barack Obama.

I would be thrilled to learn about life through the eyes of our first president. I am not thrilled to learn anything, except what not to do, through Barack Obama’s presidency.

George Washington was part of creating this country. Barack Obama is part of destroying it.

Barack Obama would be in the camp of one who can be moral without being religious. George Washington would not take this unwise, untrue stance. He revered, worshiped and loved his Father in Heaven. He took counsel from him many a time.

Washington is genuinely humble. Obama has the selfish, egotistical me, me, me syndrome.

Obama is not a doer. He does not care about our country and its people. He is only interested in exploiting the facets of his presidency which will further his self-interest. He loves the lavish lifestyle and is controlled by it.

This president desires to improve his golf game while the beheading of an American takes place. He acted as if the beheading of an American was an annoying interruption to his golf game.

For goodness sakes, he had to participate in a news conference about this heinous act. As horrible as that act was, what was even worse was the president’s disregard for the family of such a crime by casually going back on the golf course and continuing to play golf immediately after the press conference. What? What? You never do that.

Washington was a doer. He sacrificed time after time after time for his country. He served the people of this great country. His countryman’s interests were his. While Washington’s estate was significant, the difference between the wealth of Washington and the wealth of Obama is that Washington had a pure heart.

One who has a pure heart sees the world through the Christlike lens of helping others for the right reasons. Obama did not even help his brother when he needed it. Obama’s brother had to rely on the good heart of a man named Dinesh D’Souza.

Obama takes from the country and its citizens, even through this sly redistribution of wealth concept.

Washington quietly bequested $50,000.00 to two universities of true education in his day. $50,000.00 in his day was a very, very large sum of money.

Barack Obama is one of a clan of men who is thirsty for power and will do anything to get it.

Service, not power, is what George Washington was all about. George Washington was interested in helping his countrymen along the way in any way possible. He did not even want to be President of The United States.

George Washington served God; always remembering where his bounteous blessings came from. Whom does this president serve?

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx once referred to Barack Obama as the Savior, Jesus Christ. How blasphemous is that? The sad thing is that Barack Obama did not even call for Jamie Foxx to correct such an utterance. Obama’s silence on this matter implies agreement with Foxx. What a profound difference between the lives of Obama and Washington..

Did you know that sixteen (16) of the first eighteen (18) presidents who were college graduates were graduates from church related institutions of higher learning? What does graduation from these church related institutions say about the character, thought patterns, and service inclinations of our first leaders?

 In the early days of the republic, CONGRESS sent 20,000, yes, 20,000 bibles to the nations schools. They wanted students to learn from the scriptures, in more than one way. Now, the opposite has happened.

Have we forgotten how America’s spiritual roots have caused her to sprout and become a nation of exceptionalism? It was meant to be. To have this nation held in such high esteem that many across the globe feel her spirit and choose to be legal partakers of her citizenship and national blessings. What a standard!!

George Washington was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. He favored hard work, was humble and got ahead. He believed in and worked for the creation of the Constitution. George Washington did not care about being cool. Why? Because there was substance behind him as a man. His strengths were his integrity and honesty.

Barack Obama wants to transform the nation into a nation of economic slaves. A nation of dependency not work. He does not follow the Constitution. Remember, he’s slick, not cool. His suave approach to individual situations and life in general, is used to cover up his deep inadequacy and egotism. There is no substance in Barack Obama. How can you have trust and confidence in someone who regularly betrays you?

We have a president in office without morals. The nation has been served horribly by this president during his time in office. Of course, he would tell you otherwise.

Be comforted. Obamacare is falling apart. Good people in Congress are fighting to keep our country’s core principles as a republic, intact. Keep praying and we will work ourselves through this current maze of confusion. I promise.

Circular Conversations Get You Where?

When it feels like Obama and his minions have backed themselves into a corner, lying to us like no other, and rearranging previous explanations on Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA and other “REAL SCANDALS” for public consumption, they somehow wiggle themselves out of those frequent visits to the corner and reverse each particular scenario enough that what once was a blatantly obvious situation becomes blurry in subsequent discussions with “We, The People.” Hence, it appears as though these political professionals have become masters of deceit to the masses. I thought Satan and his followers were experts at that. Just saying.

The continual barrage of daily information coming from this administration which is patently false, is intended to derail the American people from what really matters. Hence, our decisions, in part, are based upon planned, intentionally confused messages sent to us, the public.

We must sort through the garbage and make our own determinations instead of having the truth told to us directly so that we can skip the sorting and just decide if what we’re hearing is right or not. Most of the time we hear double talk. Don’t the scriptures say that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways“?

I believe Saul Alinsky would be pleased with the way Barack Obama treats the American people. He would probably give high marks to the president for his devious, selfish, narcicisstic approach.

Many call him the “cool president”. He is not cool, he is slick. Slick intimates underhandedness doubled with a sly approach toward everything he involves himself in. Or doesn’t.

His press conferences are not credible. His state of the union addresses have had devilish deliveries to them.
His lies are so lucid that a congressman even called him out on one a few years ago during the state of the union report to “we, the people.”.

Everywhere you look there is his handprint favoring Islam.

He claims to love this country and the military but supports it little. He is suppose to defend the constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. He does neither. Instead he plays cards for a number of hours while the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s home is being conducted. Read further about that in recent news reports.

This president, in my opinion, is a man of very little character. His judgment is poor but he’s still slick. So slick in fact, that he got re-elected.

Let’s see how the rest of this play will turn out.

Here We Go Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Obama administration has delved deeper into the abyss of shape shifting and lies once again, keeping the truth from what really happened in Benghazi from coming out. We are now discovering what the Obama administration will actually go through to keep the truth from us, the American people.

Why would our government choose to change the names of those that can come forward with knowledge of the massacre at Benghazi? Why would our government allegedly create aliases for those who can shed light on this calculating charade of unfortunate mishaps and death and send them off to who knows where?

A logical, deductive conclusion one might come to is that there is much the government does not want us to know for fear that if we discovered such things, we might throw those responsible out of office quickly.

Below is a conversation with representative Trey Gowdy; R-South Carolina, and Greta Van Sustern, who share the same concerns:

Representative Darrell Issa had this to say about what is happening in this link:

There is a CNN report that blew this Benghazi incident wide open. Read the following link for additional information:

In this latest link, which is above, from THE BLAZE there is also a video from CNN in there. Pay close attention to it.

In an earlier posting of mine titled “THE CHARLATAN IS AT WORK”, written on March 1 of this year, I stated:

“Barack Obama is a charlatan at work. He has shown in his first term what type of personal and political chameleon he can be and the political intrigue he can develop and leave behind.

The dictionary defines a charlatan as “a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses”. Other synonyms for a charlatan are: quack, fraud, impostor and phony. Any of those synonyms fit the president? I believe they all fit him and are part of his character.

Charlatans are purposefully deceptive. They are very good at it.  Americans are trusting people and eventually we catch on. We have seen Obama’s  true colors, although it took some time.

Obama’s personal charisma along with a hint of political expertise at certain times, has helped him manufacture what he has hoped for: continual political instability and an uncertain monetary policy. He has presided over the biggest spending spree this nation has ever seen.

Stand clear of such influences for Satan is chief commander of all charlatans, the master of manipulation, the preeminent playwright of pretense and the giver of NO good.”

I stand by those words. They are proving to be even more true the more the president chooses to play with “We, the people”. He is ruining our heritage and nationalizing this nation into nothingness.

If you want to see your personal dreams fulfilled in this greatest of all nations, do your part to peacefully make the nation better. Whatever that may be is your decision.