A Time For Choosing, But Who?

Donald Trump laid out his policies during the convention speech. He spoke of the constitution only once, in passing, during his speech. This deeply disturbs me.

I seriously wonder if he will bypass the limits of his constitutional authority as president, if he wins the election. Some of what he proposes feels good, but, will never get passed.

There is a nagging feeling in my gut that something is wrong here.

Clinton is completely unacceptable, has no moral compass, is past feeling, is suspected of ordering killings of some of her closest domestic political allies, wears the Benghazi massacre on her heart forever, sucked at being secretary of state, has a ruthless political machine in her back pocket and has earned a crooked reputation.

She cares nothing for the nation. Evidence of that is in the details of her email scandal. They should lock her up and throw away the key. With Hillary, I know what I am getting; genuine garbage. With Trump, I remain uncertain of what is coming forth.

What nags at me constantly—is the fact that I am honestly unsure if he will govern as he has laid out in the convention. His political past has been identified with the other party, until recently. How much will that play into his decision making if he becomes president?

I have never felt so uncertain, politically, then this year. There are so many uncertainties yet to be resolved. I know ONE THING for certain, Hillary Clinton will NEVER receive my vote. Now I just have to figure out who else is going to get it.




The Reason For Disarmament Is Political Control Of Our Own Lives

The phrase “Gun violence” is clever language. This phrase, incognito, attempts to strip law abiding Americans of the God given right to bear arms. The question here is: “How can you strip a God-given right away from the people of the United States? The answer: You never will because it is a God-given right, not a man-made one.”

The problem with gun violence, in large part, emanates from cities and states that insist gun control is the answer. Ironically, those cities and states that possess this thinking pattern generally end up with chronic, cyclical murder rates and other types of serious crime. Those cities and states under this type of governance are run by democrats.

It is not very hard to see the causal relationship between the disarmament of the American people and the true nature of disarmament motivation. Unfortunately, it is leftist policies which produce such disastrous results. No Second Amendment and the political elite take total control. No Second Amendment and “We, The People,” become “We, The Beggars.” No Second Amendment and we have no First Amendment. What’s next–if that happens?