Will The Philanderer Become President?

Donald Trump has had extra-marital affairs of public record.He is an immoral, disrespectful user of women.

When you have public affairs with a woman you are married to, get divorced from your first wife partly because of that affair, marry the first adulterer who becomes the second wife, have a second affair with another adulterer, divorce the second wife, and eventually marry Milania, his current wife, who has allegedly spread naked for a magazine, what does that tell you?

Ted Cruz is a one woman man and always has been. Donald Trump has an immoral, soap opera type existence. Ted Cruz is upright, has a moral compass, is consistently courteous, kind and genuinely benevolent. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has questionable character.

We cannot have a man for president of the United States who cannot control his desires and who refuses to give his whole heart and mind to the woman he has married. Donald Trump treats women as if they are discardable. Is that the way he will treat the office of the Presidency of the United States, as if it is discardable?