Hillary’s Accomplishments, Not Titles

Accomplishments? nada. It’s been Hillary’s abandonment of responsibility, regression of critical thinking, neglect of and deception on issues, hatred for her country and getting away from serious jail time.

It’s the Clinton foundation and its serious legal issues, the defective moral character of the Clinton’s, the ugly way power has corrupted them and Hillary’s Benghazi lies.

It’s the unearthing of evidence never seen of those who seem to conveniently die around the Clinton’s, the hypocritical spirit within each of them, their tacit agreement for democratic voter fraud and the looking away from plain wrongdoing.

It’s not what matters most in life, it’s political expediency which they crave. How can you NOT have Chelsea, who grew up around all this deception, lying and serious moral and behavioral concerns, come into adulthood half way screwed up?

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