A Confident Nation, Not An Arrogant One

The type of confidence Heaven bestows upon individuals is that of a humble confidence. It has God’s stamp of approval. There is an aura of meekness which attends this real type of confidence. This great blessing has a spiritual strengthening power only known to those who seek for it and are inclined to line up their lives with God’s will.

The type of fraudulent confidence the world bestows upon individuals is that of arrogance. Arrogance is the counterfeit form of heavenly confidence. Arrogance has an aura of hubris and egotism at the root of its weakness.

Arrogance boasts of itself. Humility does not. Arrogance provides a false sense of identity for its wearer. True humility positively contributes to one’s true identity. Arrogance automatically assumes a bogus sense of superior status. Humility helps to put into proper perspective our place and purpose in this world.

Arrogance can hinder personal and family growth. Humility facilitates personal and family growth. Arrogance sometimes damages and even ruins relationships. Humility can aid in healing those ties.

As our nation passes through tumultuous times, let us remember her in our prayers. As we prepare to choose another president for our country, let us choose wisely. Let us choose a president who will be humble and not arrogant. Who will uplift and not demean. Who will always act according to the Constitution of the United States and never sidestep its inspired principles.

We must be careful not to douse the flame in the torch of liberty with the spirit of individual arrogance. Let us be thoughtful and study carefully as we choose our national leader.

May God bless us to pick up the torch of liberty and light its flame with the humble confidence God provides.




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