This is so ridiculous. Donald Trump has just announced he is skipping the debate this Thursday, 1/28/2016, moderated by Fox News.

The reason Trump gave for his absence this coming Thursday night was the tough, but fair-minded questions Megyn Kelly posed to him regarding women and Trump’s alleged maltreatment of many of them over the course of time. This was brought up at the August, 2015 FOX News debate.

Trump is an adult baby. He is ill-tempered and short fused. He often acts emotionally as though he is still in junior high. We can’t afford a president who regularly vacillates between 7-year-old behaviors and 70-year-old behaviors.

Americans need to feel confident that their president will make inspired decisions on their behalf. They don’t have time to wonder if he is going to be junior high-ish in his decisions today and an adult in his decisions tomorrow.

We need a mature grownup in the White House, not a childish, progressive bully who happens to be an adult—with a part-time junior high school mentality.

Below is a 1 hr 22 min. youtube  documentary on Donald Trump.


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