Let me ask this question: How can you get conservative policies out of a progressive? Obviously, you cannot. Donald Trump is a progressive.

Where is Trump’s conservative record? He has none. He tickles ears enough to get voters riled up.

Black conservative thinker, educator and writer Thomas Sowell recently said, in paraphrase form, the following: WE WOULD BE TRADING OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT, BARACK OBAMA, WHO IS A GLIB EGOMANIAC FOR ANOTHER GLIB EGOMANIAC IN DONALD TRUMP. We cannot have another glib egomaniac in the White House. We have seen what a power hungry, glib, egomaniac has done to this country.

A president must be smart. Ted Cruz is. A president must be wise. Ted Cruz is. A president must be humble. Ted Cruz is. A president must have heavenly virtues which are blossoming. Ted Cruz does.

Is Donald Trump smart? Yes. Is he wise? Occasionally. Is he confident? No, he is cocky. Cockiness breeds arrogance, which Donald Trump has plenty of. 

Many misunderstand the difference between confidence and being consistently cocky. True confidence in oneself comes from knowing who you really are and acting accordingly. 

True confidence is the opposite of cockiness. Trump is cocky, not confident. 

Confidence allows you to calmly disagree with someone, even when they are short-sided in their analysis. Cockiness requires personal attacks on that analysis. Personal confidence allows all parties to grow from an exchange of ideas while maintaining personal principles. Cockiness shuts down that avenue of exchange and growth and demands personal superiority in its place. Cockiness leads to arrogance—which leads to ego driven behavior. Proper confidence does not allow any of that. In fact, proper confidence is tethered to humility. Trump has no humility.

Humility, virtue and wisdom are prerequisites for becoming a successful president of the United States. With these attributes, God can help the president. Without them, the president is on his or her own. 

Through personal application of these virtues, mighty prayer to God becomes natural. THEN comes the heavenly help.

You become closed off to spiritual answers if you are full of yourself, have little or no virtue, acknowledge God only when it is convenient or are a glib egomaniac.

The only way you can be completely confident is to have God with you. That is a process which is attainable, but you will be left to kick against the pricks if you choose to govern through your own wisdom and never trust in God and ask for His help.

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