Common Sense Unrolled

by Joan Schrader


The term “political correctness” has been thrown around for years. I am sick of people being afraid to voice their opinion for fear of not being politically correct and, as a result, stop voicing the feelings of their heart.

Likewise those people taking offense with everything said need to get over themselves. These should exercise the same tolerance they demand of others and their opinion or lifestyle. It is time everyone stops being afraid to tell the truth.

We all make choices in life and that is our God given right. As the world has changed during my lifetime so have basic aspects of society. COMMON COURTESY and RESPECT are not so common anymore. Simple things like crossing the street. It used to be that the pedestrian was to look both ways before crossing. When is the last time you saw anyone look both ways in a Walmart parking lot? Yes, it is the responsibility of the driver to not hit the person, but there is zero responsibility on the part of the individual.

Another example: If you choose to live with someone, straight or gay, that is within your rights to choose. However, when you are a guest in someone’s home you owe them the courtesy and respect to ask if your lifestyle is contrary to their beliefs.

For reference there is a difference between visitor and guest. A visitor is someone who visits a place, regardless of whether they were invited (like a tourist). A guest is someone who visits a place, but they have specifically been invited (by the host, who is the person inviting them).

If spending the night, in my opinion, it is the responsibility of the invitee to ask if the host would be more comfortable if you asked for separate bedrooms. It is discourteous to feel justified forcing your lifestyle on your host.

Many times the host wants to see you but is afraid if they ask you to comply with their beliefs that you will not visit at all. This is not a time to take offense; it is a time to be respectful of others – just as you would want them to respect you. Decide before you arrive – are you a visitor (tourist) or invited guest? If a visitor, perhaps it is time you looked deep inside and evaluated yourself and your motives. If, on the other hand, this is too uncomfortable for you, get a motel room. Visit with them during the day, and then go to your motel at night. The visit just might be more enjoyable for all concerned.

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