Impure Influences Of An Idiot President

In my opinion, Obama has an agenda. The words God Bless America roll off his lips like water off a duck’s back. They mean little to nothing to him.

Generally, he honors the wrong people and ignores those which should rightfully receive recognition. He pardons a terrorist after he trafficked tons of drugs which ultimately killed many, yet he remains strangely silent about the death of Kate Stienle.

Obama had a mentor named Frank Marshall Davis. Mr. Davis was an avowed member of the communist party. Mr. Davis wrote columns for the Chicago Star, a former communist newspaper he founded. Those columns were written from the mid to late 1940’s.

It is terribly disconcerting to know that some of these influences from Davis have been embedded within Obama’s heart. We see some of his mentor’s persuasive writings played out in the policies Obama chooses to implement.

When you pay lip service, at best, to our men and women in uniform, but, your actions indicate otherwise, you are not only hypocritical but, your love of country should be under continual scrutiny.

Obama is, and always will be, in my opinion, one of the shrewdest, yet worst political chameleons of all time. Obama is a politically weak, sissified, soggy intellectual. He is arrogant and pretentious. He professes Christianity but He does not recognize God’s hand in this nation’s birth and upbringing. If he did so, he might have some humility. He does not.

It is a shame our military must suffer indignity and unwise judgment at the hands of President Obama just because he does not want to be their commander-in chief. This is the part of the job of being the president of the United States I believe he despises.

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