Hillary’s Announcement

By now you have probably heard that Hillary Clinton is running for President of The United States. Not totally unexpected, since she is, at this point, the only one running. I want to puke at the thought that she might sit behind the Oval Office desk.


Now before some of you get on your high horse and declare me a sexist pig, let me clarify: This has nothing to do with being sexist or a pig, but it has everything to do with being qualified for the highest office in the land. While she may be good at many things, being qualified to be president IS NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS.

You might say, “What about her 4 year stint as Secretary of State, doesn’t that qualify”? I would then ask, “What did she accomplish during that time which gives you the confidence she can lead our country?

The mess with Ghadaffi, in Libya which got him killed? What about the Benghazi debacle, which Hillary still  needs to account for? What about the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others who died because the proper support was not there for them?

Hillary Clinton did nothing for this country when she was Secretary of State except log a load of frequent flyer miles to impress the impressionable. This was Barack Obama’s puppet for world affairs. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That was Obama’s play. Her accomplishments?? Zero. Zilch.

She has an uncomfortable aura about her. Her people will try to display her as compassionate and loving, but, her history indicates her to be a fairly ruthless boss. Rules for her are invisible. She has none. The Clinton’s have been breaking rules for a very long time.

The Clinton’s have conveniently been in all kinds of suspected trouble from the days of Bill Clinton’s governorship in Arkansas. What about Bill’s hands on policy with women?

With all this known baggage between the two of them, and other suspicions, yet unproven, why are the people of the United States considering this couple for high office again?

If Hillary gets into office we will have continued redistribution of wealth. NOT GOOD.

This is why citizen education regarding our constitution is a must. Educating ourselves will enlighten us as a people so our choices we make for the country will be the best one’s possible.

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