Betrayal Of Our Country? Obama Did It Again

I am frustrated, feel betrayed and am at a loss as to why our President didn’t go to France to support the French at the solidarity march with world leaders in Paris on 1/11/2015.

Yet again, Obama fumbles the football on the world stage. I am beginning to think he really can’t recognize the most apparent opportunities to lead the world. Attendance at this unity march in Paris was the most recent example of Obama thumbing his nose at our allies like the French.

Josh Earnest, White House spokesman stated the United States should have sent a “higher profile” individual other than the ambassador of France to represent the United States during the unity march in France.

I believe Josh Earnest is better at political spinning than his predecessor Jay Carney was, and, Carney was good at his job.

There are those who say that the security of the President of the United States is paramount and that is the reason he did not attend. I agree that the security of the President of the United States should be a top priority.

Nevertheless, I am bewildered by the lack of foresight the President has regarding the issue in Paris.

There are plenty of events throughout our nation and the world that require last minute adjustments in the President’s schedule. So, the question becomes, why did the President not attend this rally? Why did he not physically support President Hollande by being at the rally where over 40, yes 40 other world leaders were?

I hope the French forgive us for not sending who we should have.

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  1. Ben

     /  January 12, 2015

    I’m glad he didn’t go if had ge would gave tried to make it about him. It would have detracted from the spirit of unity


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