What is Obama-itis?

There is a re-discovered disorder floating in the air in Washington, D. C. called “Obama-itis.” This disorder involves chronic lying.

Independent, uniquely unqualified observers have determined another common definition for chronic lying. It is called the “wild whopper.”

The treatment for this disorder is simple. Medical authorization is obtained for six (6) 30 day prescriptions of Obamathiazide. If you take your medicine faithfully you will never lie during this time.

You must have a DCL license (Doctor of Chronic Lying) to administer this specific medication. Any deviation of this prescribed medical regimen will cause this real ruse to come back immediately.

Obamathiazide is free under Obamacare, but the co-pay is $1000.00 per month.

Wait, have you ever wondered why the co-pay is so high when your medicine is suppose to be free? It’s because we must pay for every “wild whopper” Obama speaks; hence, re-distribution of the wild whopper remains the inevitable consequence.

At 25 cents per whopper that’s about 4000 wild whoppers to date. Under that scenario $1000.00 is the proper co-pay. Your personal co-pay may change dependent upon how many wild whoppers have been spoken that day.

Weren’t we suppose to get a $2500.00 deduction in yearly premiums under Obamacare? If we liked our own doctor could we keep him or her? Smile, because the answer to both questions is yes, but it’s not happening.

Each recurrence of this subtle subterfuge doubles in its intensity and hence, the patient must be monitored very carefully, on a daily basis, during the first 90 days of treatment.

“Wild whoppers” are closely associated with “personal narcissistic disorder.” It has been determined, through unreliable sources, that the president has been diagnosed with “loving thyself only” syndrome, which is a partisan whopper.

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