Egotism vs. True Humility—–True Humility Always Wins

People who are ego driven often vacillate in proper personal confidence. Their uninformed confidence comes from the approval of man and not from God. They sometimes err in proper decision making and judgment.

All of us occasionally seek approval from others. That is natural. What is not natural is always seeking approval from others and never seeking God’s approval. Egotism has NO PLACE in one’s life or in society. It interferes in your personal relationship with God.

Egotism is one negative force behind the destruction of personal relationships. Egotism breeds the “I am always right” syndrome. Egotism can block true answers from coming to you when you need them.

Truly humble people have the proper personal confidence to conduct themselves correctly anytime, anywhere.

Personal confidence, truly defined, always has its place in society. True confidence has its roots in true humility and meekness.

True humility is the antithesis of an inflated ego. True humility always keeps us in a state of searching for and learning about truth. The application of truth in our lives is wisdom.

Our relationships flourish. Our sense of self-worth increases. Why? Because true humility is a godly attribute.

As we remain humble our personal character begins to change for the better. We become more Christlike. We begin the process of becoming a better man or woman. The scriptures teach us that God wants us to be happy. He has shown us the way through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, is the true gift to everyone whatever season of the year we are in. May we remember the true reason for the Christmas season and may proper perspective remain in its proper place for us during this time of the year.

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