2014 Midterms: A Greater Defeat For Obama Than In 2010

A DRUDGE REPORT byline about this post midterm election AP article states: OBAMA DEFIANT DESPITE HUMILIATION.

Instead of humbling himself because of his party’s gigantic losses and choosing to work with the newly elected Senate, the president has doubled down and become more arrogant in his approach of governance for his last 2 years in office.

A Breitbart report stated that Barack Obama said the following: “I don’t really care to be president without the Senate.”

The president doesn’t have the Senate anymore. Harry Reid, his pathetic, hand picked bully, will be lucky if he remains  minority leader. What a message was sent last night. I hope Reid gets it.

I could go on and on about how Democrats have attempted to spin each individual loss to their advantage and the mid-term election night in total, as a minimalist defeat when the truth is they got a good old fashioned political whipping.

To date, there has been a seven seat Republican pickup in the Senate and there could be more. As of this writing, the Virginia senatorial race has been too close to call, although incumbent Senator Mark Warner declared victory while challenger Ed Guillespie has graciously decided to wait until the full tally comes in. Alaska’s tally is not yet in and we have a runoff in Louisiana on December 6th with incumbent democrat Senator Mary Landrieu in a lot of political hot water going into the runoff.

As of this past midterm, republicans now have 32 out of 50 governorships in the nation. The depth of this midterm goes even deeper. There are more statehouses that are under republican control now. While political hope is brighter, what that means is that work must move forward IMMEDIATELY and reasonable bills must be passed for progress to be made in those individual states.

We will now wait and see if gamesmanship continues or if the proper principles of our founding fathers remain foremost in conducting the affairs of the individual states and this nation.

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