October 28, 2014

Let’s see. What incompetence has been shown as a result of the Obama-itis infection? A partial list of truisms for consideration.

According to my memory, the COMMON CORE botching slipped through the first 2700 page stimulus bill in 2009 and passed in the dead of night, which no political official had ever read. Nancy Pelosi, the then house majority leader, made the famous statement of how we had to PASS it first before we could read it. It took an IQ of about 60 to make that statement.

How about Obamacare? Going great, isn’t it? The website rollout and all the explanations in government hearings regarding the IT fiasco—were an abysmal failure despite spending several hundred million dollars on it. What a joke!

The government is the perfect place to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a website and have nothing to show for it. The birth of new problems regarding this matter are still happening.

As of 27 October 2014, Fox News reports there are now SECURITY concerns with the Obamacare website. I thought we knew this was going to be one of the consequences. According to Fox News reports, a test site for Obamacare was hacked on July 8 but not discovered until the 25th of August, 2014. If one’s information has been compromised, there is no current law known that states the federal government must inform the individual(s) of such an occurrance.

This is what is interesting to me. 63% of us across the nation told the US government we did not want Obamacare. 63% of us. Yet, what happens? It gets slammed down our throats against the will of the people.

The overwhelming majority of the country said NO to Obama but, he did it anyway, like he does most everything else. It’s reminds me of a little child being told not to put their finger on the hot stove because they might get badly burned. It’s done anyway and hence, the burn is experienced. You don’t need to experience something like that to know that it will hurt you.

Ironically, through deliberate disobedience to the will of the people on this matter, the President of the United States has burned and scarred us individually and as a nation. We are the ones who, overwhelmingly, said no to this indecent proposal, yet, unfortunately Congress agreed to this abhorrent action in the dead of night, behind closed doors and the president signed it into law ASAP.

That’s how Satan operates. No transparency. In the dark. He defiles thoughtful deliberation and discussion and encourages defensiveness, dissention and rancor. You can’t govern under Satanic influence.

What I want to know is why was the terrorist attack at the Air Force base where psychiatrist Major Nidal Hissan was assigned—is classified as “workplace violence”?

What of the recent killings of two deputy sheriffs? This guy who committed this heinous act was deported twice and still killed law enforcement. My understanding is that 223,000 people have been deported multiple times.

If you have been deported from the United States and creep back into our borders—–my understanding is that it is an automatic felony with 2 years jail time. Approximately 10% of the 223,000 are in jail now for that reason. Why is the Obama administration not protecting the American people from these criminals?

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