Thanks be to God for our ultimate, inspired document of national governance, the United States Constitution. Our Constitution has the approval of Heaven and the respect and wonder of those who love its original intent and purpose.

There are some who say the Constitution needs to be changed because it is out of date and times are different. While times are different, the Constitution is and will always remain God’s handiwork. God’s stamp of approval is already on it.

Furthermore, our founding fathers put in place an inspired process to amend the Constitution, if needed. As long as the proper process is followed, we can amend the Constitution all we want.

All flesh are to have liberty and freedom. The Constitution of The United States has secured those blessings. Despite current concerns in the world, the USA remains a beacon of light to the earth.

Our founding fathers studied true principles deeply. It was determined that certain principles supporting a “republic” were needed for the country to succeed. Not a democracy, a republic.

Such resoluteness in deciding this type of governmental system came after 180 years of experimentation which began at Jamestown in 1607 and ultimately ended in the fight for freedom by our founding fathers from King George III. The twin principles for the successful beginning of our new country [the USA] and its forever status were liberty and freedom.

Revelation from Heaven came to our founding fathers as they worked out the details of this holy, national record for our country. Henceforth, we are known as a “republic”, aptly named The United States Of America.

There are some in government, at all levels, particularly the federal echelon, who, for decades, have slowly attempted to erode the purity of our beloved Constitution. Those who knowingly change this “heavenly inspired” document of life for our country through subversive or other malevolent means will be accountable to God for the execution of such choices.

We must fight, for however long, to keep our Constitution strong. To do that, we must work to understand its original meaning then voice its virtuous values to all who will listen. Our inspired manuscript of national governance will only work as we remain active in educating ourselves and others on its true meaning and purpose and not some twisted version thereof.

The book titled “The 5000 Year Leap”, by W. Cleon Skousen, is an easy, understandable read for those who wish to leapfrog into comprehending the principles of the Constitution.

May God continue to bless all of us with the need to understand this inspired, heavenly, governmental setup, as initially crafted by our concerned founding fathers.


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