Where Our Nation Stands

May 24, 2014

I have had this chronic headache for some time.

Depending upon the circumstances, it pulsates much stronger at certain times than others. Nevertheless, it has remained since mid-November 2008. Its genesis and ultimately its cause, draw strength from the same rotten root; President Barack Hussein Obama.

In November 2012, there seemed to be great hope to be delivered from the clutches of this horrid headache, but the tens of millions of “VOTING DOCTORS” determined the same treatment was needed, despite zero progress with its patient.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when there is zero progress and even regression in the condition(s) being treated you move onto another doctor who can deliver on his or her hypocratic oath. Instead we have chosen the same doctor who writes the same prescriptions for the same conditions which keeps the patient in a permanent quandary regarding his or her health.

Surprisingly, some of these “voting doctors” believe patient regression to be progress. Such is the current case with our nation.

When 63% of the nation strongly disapproved of Obamacare and its implementation, why was this socialist ridden legislation pushed down the nation’s throat?  Obama paid no attention to the national outcry and now it is the law of the land.

When Fast and Furious was on the hot burner, Attorney General Holder evaded the pertinent questions to get true answers and was eventually held in contempt of Congress. A lot of good that did. He’s still on the job.

When the Benghazi story broke there were several governmental oversight hearings. Whistleblower Gregory Hicks and others gave some damning but truthful testimony. They were completely credible in answering questions and in their recitation of events leading up to and after the death of the four brave men in our nation’s service.

Gregory Hicks has since been demoted and silenced for telling the truth regarding Benghazi. Wonder why? Perhaps the House Select Committee, headed by Chairman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, will get to the bottom of this fiasco and find those ultimately accountable for these heinous acts and despicable behavior.

On May 22, 2012, the IRS scandal, with Lois Lerner as its centerpiece, broke open. Lerner made her statements before the committee claiming she had done nothing wrong and violated no laws amongst other comments. Then she claimed her 5th amendment privilege.

Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina congressman on the Government Oversight committee, immediately pointed out that Ms. Lerner cannot give testimony then hide under the 5th amendment. Once she gives testimony, there is a right to cross examination. This mess is continuing to unfold and Ms. Lerner could find herself in a pile of  humble pie as these political and legal entanglements move forward and unwind.

Finally, and most importantly,the issues at the Veterans Affairs department have taken root on both sides of the aisle. This malignant mess of mismanagement has currently spread to 26 VA hospitals throughout the nation with more hospitals expected to enter this incompetent circle.

Many members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are calling for reform now. The exact reform is unknown, as is usual in our cesspool capitol.

Anytime scandals occur, we either cover them up or have a complete denial of such. Usually there is little accomplished in any honest effort to produce the truth and determine someone’s destiny. Wasteful programs never get abolished. Reform, very often, produces little change.

My recommendation is for all lawmakers to read a treatise by Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson on “THE PROPER ROLE OF GOVERNMENT”.

If the federal government were to stick to its original, inspired purposes enumerated in the Constitution of the United States, we would save time instead of wasting it. Actual issues would be tackled and solved. Unneeded programs would never have been created, thus, wisdom and common sense would naturally preside. Public attitudes of confusion, uncertainty and general apathy are the current state of affairs.

I wonder if some of those “inside the beltway” have deceit and guile as a main course every day? I wonder where honesty, virtue and standing up for principles sincerely, are these days?

We have progressive democrats and progressive republicans pushing agendas that are not rooted in biblical law, which the Constitution is founded upon. We have drifted from our state of exceptionalism at our country’s birth to one where our current president desires each country in the world, including ours, to be equal in stature. There is a divine decree that states this must not be.

As I have written before, this country has extra special blessings bestowed upon it for a distinct set of reasons. It’s exceptionalism was ordained from on High for special purposes, one of which, is to discriminately bless the rest of the world. We cannot do that when we have leaders who decide to push this country further into socialism away from its God-ordained purposes.

Let’s all pray for the United States to fulfill her revelatory purposes!!

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