Historical Documents Of Critical Importance

We should all be anxiously engaged in the history of our country. It is our duty and responsibility to become informed and work at understanding what our history is and means. True history educates and invigorates the thirsty mind and the active heart. It becomes the catalyst for individual action in a representative republic like the United States of America. 

Lethargy and apathy on the other hand, are the forerunners of an ill informed electorate. An electorate that is easily taken in by promise after promise with no beneficial results for the country. True history for these people remains even more critical as they become even more important for the proper outcome desired for our country during any particular time period.  

Below are sets of documents for those who wish to start studying history or wish to continue in its proper path.

  jim  valenti


“It is the duty of every good citizen to use all the opportunities which occur to him, for preserving documents relating to the history of our country.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1823

Founding Documents

Foundations of the West (Ancient-1492)

Exploration and the Colonial Era (1492-1765)

Independence and the Early State (1765-1789)

Antebellum America (1789-1860)

Secession and War (1860-1865)

Reconstruction and Westward Expansion (1865-1914)

The Modern State and Foreign Engagement (1914-1945)

Cold War, Cultural Upheaval, and the Reagan Era (1945-1991)

Contemporary America (1991-Present)

Party Platforms

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