Choose Happiness Through Consistent, Good Choices

February 13, 2014

by Jim Valenti

With the world rapidly changing, and, with all types of evil making both subtle and bold faced presentations with regularity amongst us, one might come to the conclusion that this terrible feeling of societal dread has no end.

While it is true that things will get worse before they get better, it is our job to hang in there. I bear witness that good will ultimately triumph over evil.

We have the opportunity to choose to make things a little better for ourselves every day.It is vital we choose correctly as debauchery remains in our midst.

All of us have had “bad days”. When we have those occasional bouts where we have to fight through the day with a little extra energy, we needs remember that this is part of life, and, yes, frequently, life isn’t “fair”. It’s not suppose to be. It’s not what life throws at us that matters, it’s how we deal with those fiery darts that make the difference.

Learning to make good choices is a critical, yet thoughtful personal skill and exercise. As we develop our “good choice muscle” we create outcomes that make us happier.

Sometimes we have several good choices to choose from. When such cases arise, I offer the counsel of an inspired friend. That counsel is to prioritize those good choices into “good, better and best” categories. That way we can be assured of making the best decision amongst the series of good outcomes laid before us.

Rapidly deteriorating societal conditions create conditions for pornography to flourish, for alcoholism to remain prevalant and for family breakups to continue.

Certain schools leave much true American history out of textbooks, which, unfortunately, creates incomplete historical gaps for the young. Why is this done? To turn the American voter into a leftist thinking machine via the education process. I like to term it as a purposeful, educationally progressive sin of omission.   Wistfully, leftists have been working on this for over 100 years. Most history teachers remain unaware of this purposeful progressive educational breach. Hence, many young people go into college with a twisted view of history courtesy of those teachers who, unknowingly, learned the same way. I did.

While these and many other negative social conditions exist, with Satan as the driving force in deceiving many, we still have our freedom to choose to live either way.

The responsibility is not subtracted from us to live right just because of the downhill slide of society. In fact, it is incumbent upon us to live the best way we know how in spite of the unfortunate evil around us.

My “best way” method is to incorporate into my life the true doctrines and principles which Jesus Christ taught.  I must consciously work at living those true doctrines and principles for them to become part of me.

Making good choices is one key to individual happiness. The more consistent and correct our choices are, the easier it becomes for us to make better choices in the future. Hence, we are happier. Our lives are better—-despite occasional adversity which will beset us.

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