Untold Heroes Of The Home—Our Good Mothers

by Jim Valenti

January 29, 2014

This is my response to a recent article by feminist Amy Glass, dated January 25, 2014 titled “I Look Down On Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry”.

In this article Ms. Glass espouses that the worth of actual work outside the home is of greater value than work done within the walls of one’s residence.

While some women may, out of necessity, need to work outside the home, there is no judgment here.

My response is simply to Ms. Glass and her mocking of motherhood and her unwise choice to degrade mothers and children in this article. Her respect for the family certainly has one wondering. To deride children and the women who choose to properly raise them, in my view, is a grave mistake.

I wholeheartedly disagree with her “societal diagnosis”.  Motherhood and children and the vital role of women who choose to stay home and raise their own should be celebrated with eagerness.

Proper motherhood is the most important role women have while on this earth.

The proper nurturing of children has untold benefits for the family and the world. Proper motherhood helps children become healthy interactors in society so that those children may contribute to the benefit of mankind as well as themselves.

They learn the difference between right and wrong, have a clear sense of their purpose in life and recognize the good in others. All this and more through this wonderful thing called MOTHERHOOD.

To help children grow in these ways and many more, is a godly attribute.

Proper motherhood should be deemed angelic, for it requires patience, perseverance, a steady hand, a teachable mind and, most importantly, a moral compass.

One must be a nurse, cook, and housekeeper. One must properly school their children, be the home transportation director, help manage individual stress levels, help children with homework and do all this, and more, as godly love shines through them. This is proper motherhood.

Good mothers may sometimes feel overwhelmed with such responsibility. When such times come, pull back a little, take a breath, reassess, then, move forward. No one is asking perfection, just to do your best.

Proper motherhood is selflessness. You still take care of yourself but you keep that selfless frame of reference. Selflessness ironically makes you happy because you remain in the service of others, in this case your family.

Properly raising children helps rid one of selfish desires because children come first. The natural nurturing instincts of good women take over. In the process of putting the family first, over time, these good women become more refined in the ways which matter most.

The next time some feminist wishes to attack the family, she needs think twice. She could very well be pointing the finger at herself.

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