Nothing New, Just More Double Speak and Uncertainty

I watched about 75% of the presidential speech on Syria on 9/10/2013. It did not move my position on this issue one inch. I don’t want involvement in Syria; period.

Will Cain of the Blaze, has stated that this speech was about Obama “saving face”. Buck Sexton of the Blaze stated that Obama’s speech was a series of “confused and contradicted”statements.  Another Blaze commentator stated that this was Obama at his finest hour of “double speak”.  She was right. He’s an expert at confusing people because he is double tongued. The scriptures say that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. This is absolutely true.

This president and his administration are a joke because this president has no idea what he is doing on anything he involves himself in.

I want to explore briefly a statement President Obama made, early on in this speech, which is incorrect. He stated that he was president of the world’s longest “constitutional democracy.” We are not a “constitutional democracy.” The United States is a “constitutional republic.” It just shows you how little this goofball president of ours really knows how the founding fathers set up this nation.

President Obama has played both sides of this Syrian issue. He wants to go into Syria, he doesn’t want to go in. He states he has the authority to go into Syria yet he wants congressional approval. He doesn’t cite his authority to decide to go into Syria because he doesn’t have any.

The Congress of The United States decides whether to declare war. This is a national legislative responsibility. Congress initiates and declares war or not and the Executive executes the war, if approved.

There it is folks. It’s the US Constitution, not The War Powers Act, or anything like unto it, which gives the President the green light to go to war or not.

It is particularly distressing to proclaim that when several presidents have used the War Powers Act as leverage and justification to go to war. It is the US Constitution and nothing else which determines if the president can act or not. The president must wait for Congress to decide on the matter. Until Congress decides, I’m glad to say the president’s hands are tied.

Let’s watch and see these results play out.

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