The Benghazi Baffoon Wins A False Prize

Published September 3, 2013,  at the website it states the following:

Jeb Bush is set to present Hillary Clinton with the National Constitution Center Liberty Medal on September 10.

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” Bush said, in statement released in June. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

I want to barf.

Is Jeb Bush really honoring Secretary Clinton; the Benghazi baffoon? Are you kidding me? She’s a progressive. Progressives don’t believe in liberty, they believe in socialism and marxism. The progressive view of capitalism is that capitalism is beneficial if capitalism applies to the progressive mind only.

Progressives believe in choking off individual freedom for the benefit of the collective. They believe in really big government and they preach it. Individual freedom and true liberty are the antithesis of big government. So, then tell me again, why is Clinton receiving this “liberty” medal?

I forgot something. When two progressives get together and one honors the other with a liberty medal, you KNOW the true meaning of liberty has been thrown out the window and it is going to take a hard fall. continues:

“It is extremely distressing to learn that on the eve of the First Anniversary of the Benghazi attack (9/11/12), in which an American Ambassador and three American soldiers were killed–the National Constitution Center–led by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, will present former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the 2013 Philadelphia Liberty Medal,” reads Independence Hall Tea Party Association’s website.

What a joke. Hillary Clinton is being presented the National Constitution Center Liberty medal. This certainly means Jeb Bush and his center understand little about the true meaning of liberty. If they did, they would gawk at the idea of Hillary Clinton even being presented a BLOCK OF SOLID DIRT for a prize. Actually, the block of solid dirt would be a great replacement for the medal. At least that would be consistent with the type of political machine she has; a dirty one.

Here we go again. Giving Hillary Clinton something she doesn’t deserve which continues to give her a boost of false confidence. False confidence rationalizes many unhealthy decisions.

I bet you, deep down, if you asked Mrs. Benghazi Baffoon who she really was, she would have no idea. I wouldn’t have any idea whom I was either if deceit, guile and expert lying to my countrymen were the tools of my trade. Think she learned all that from Bill?

Bill, pointing his finger briskly at the camera and the American people says:  “I did not have………………” You get the idea.

I could just see Hillary pointing her finger at us saying something like “A Marxist like me won a liberty medal. Boy, are these guys really screwed up.”

What has America come to?

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