“It’s The Economy Stupid” under Barack Obama

Here are some recent economic facts from the August 22, 2013 airing of  “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, regarding the Obama administration and its abysmal failure to handle the  US economy.

1) Seven (7) out of every eight (8) new jobs which have been created have been part time

2) 54 % of American workers make less than $30,000.00 a year

3) Obama has increased the average duration of unemployment assistance from 20 weeks in 2009 to 37 weeks in 2013.

4) More than 8 million Americans are currently out of work

5) When Obama took office the deficit with China was 268 billion. 2012 figures state our deficit was 315 billion that year.

6) Current poverty rate in the United States is 16%. Much higher than when the war on poverty was declared in 1965.

7) Americans receiving food stamps in President Obama’s first term increased by 11,000 every single day.

8) In 2009, when Obama took office, the price of gas was $1.85 per gal. Current price is $3.53 per gallon.

9) The average worker’s health care costs have risen 29% since Obama took office.

Democrats blame “income inequality” for these statistics. Not so. Try this on for size: It’s the wrong headed monster called “redistribution of wealth.” It’s the wrong headed monster called “mismanagement of the US economy”. It’s the wrong headed monster of giving someone something for nothing. It’s the wrong headed monster of the government giving free cell phones away.

Comparatively, very few want to do it right and get a proper education and work up the ladder.

Our ability to choose for ourselves and what’s best for each of us, in every part of our lives, is slowly being whittled away. Very few are heeding the cries of those currently warning of these things.

Please beware. Start a food storage program. Get your house in order and remain self-reliant. Time is short for us to prepare ourselves in every way possible so when the onslaught really comes, our houses will be passed over. The difference is in calm, sustained, personal and family preparation, not an unprepared, frenzied response to external factors over which we have no control.

Keep your wits about you. Look for bargains. Learn another skill or two. Financially, save what you can. Grow a garden. Learn how to can foods. Pay your mortgage off early, if possible. Have garage or flea market sales occasionally. Read the scriptures and pray as part of your preparation plan. Most of all, remain calm and focused while maintaining awareness of ever changing circumstances in your world.

Remember, with all the garbage going on, we can still choose to be happy. I am.

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