Washington or Obama? The General or the Law Professor? 8/22/2013

George Washington, the father of our inspired country, warns us with this quote: “And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.”

What does that mean?

Have you ever heard of someone saying: “I can be moral without being religious?” Why is that an untrue statement?

It is an untrue statement because morality is rooted in religion and its practice. Morality grows out of religion. The foundation of one’s own moral compass has religion as its base. Religion is the father of morality. One can comfortably describe what his or her morals are if they personally practice their religion.

I often hear people make statements like “I can be moral without being religious”, or “Religion doesn’t matter anyway, it’s my morals that count.”  “My personal morality is what guides my life, not anyone else’s.” These and other similar statements made by many—are general cover for encouraging all to “do their own thing”.

While everyone has a right to believe in who, where or what they may, let me explain a little further this concept of moral relativism.

When proper morals are absent from personal lifestyle it becomes very difficult for true happiness to take hold or individual spiritual progression to occur. Proper morals are based in true religion, not man made philosophies. Man made philosophies cause us to remain endlessly adrift, the results of which are often an empty life without pure purpose.

So, when we are reminded of the statement George Washington gave in the beginning here, let us, with caution, remember it, for in its simplicity is profound, true thought; not just some fancy, philosophical statement which makes us feel good temporarily.

I bring this to the forefront because, I can say, with a high degree of confidence, I would take counsel from George Washington long before I would Barack Obama.

The writings of George Washington have deeper, inspired meaning and are of greater eternal import than the writings of Barack Obama will ever be. In fact, the writings of Barack Obama will have little eternal import. Why so? Here’s why.

When you have a life of some value that the American people can learn from; that value is immediately counterbalanced and becomes unworthy when you set out trying to destroy the country. When you lie time after time after time. When you sway with the political winds, you are tossed to and fro. You are never consistent.

Obama wants enough of the electorate constantly confused about issues that they vote for him, in spite of their uncertainty. How do you accomplish this? The president, his underlings in the White House and most media must have double tongued messages. To have such circular conversations produces little accomplishment. They know that. The scriptures say “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Barack Obama is a double minded man. George Washington was not double minded. He was secure in himself. He was decisive. He genuinely listened. He built all people up in his day. He spoke eloquently and clearly with sincerity and honesty. God was with him. Divine intervention saved him on many an ocassion. I would want to copy his life.

I would always take financial advice from George Washington. I would never, and I repeat, never, take it from Barack Obama.

I would be thrilled to learn about life through the eyes of our first president. I am not thrilled to learn anything, except what not to do, through Barack Obama’s presidency.

George Washington was part of creating this country. Barack Obama is part of destroying it.

Barack Obama would be in the camp of one who can be moral without being religious. George Washington would not take this unwise, untrue stance. He revered, worshiped and loved his Father in Heaven. He took counsel from him many a time.

Washington is genuinely humble. Obama has the selfish, egotistical me, me, me syndrome.

Obama is not a doer. He does not care about our country and its people. He is only interested in exploiting the facets of his presidency which will further his self-interest. He loves the lavish lifestyle and is controlled by it.

This president desires to improve his golf game while the beheading of an American takes place. He acted as if the beheading of an American was an annoying interruption to his golf game.

For goodness sakes, he had to participate in a news conference about this heinous act. As horrible as that act was, what was even worse was the president’s disregard for the family of such a crime by casually going back on the golf course and continuing to play golf immediately after the press conference. What? What? You never do that.

Washington was a doer. He sacrificed time after time after time for his country. He served the people of this great country. His countryman’s interests were his. While Washington’s estate was significant, the difference between the wealth of Washington and the wealth of Obama is that Washington had a pure heart.

One who has a pure heart sees the world through the Christlike lens of helping others for the right reasons. Obama did not even help his brother when he needed it. Obama’s brother had to rely on the good heart of a man named Dinesh D’Souza.

Obama takes from the country and its citizens, even through this sly redistribution of wealth concept.

Washington quietly bequested $50,000.00 to two universities of true education in his day. $50,000.00 in his day was a very, very large sum of money.

Barack Obama is one of a clan of men who is thirsty for power and will do anything to get it.

Service, not power, is what George Washington was all about. George Washington was interested in helping his countrymen along the way in any way possible. He did not even want to be President of The United States.

George Washington served God; always remembering where his bounteous blessings came from. Whom does this president serve?

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx once referred to Barack Obama as the Savior, Jesus Christ. How blasphemous is that? The sad thing is that Barack Obama did not even call for Jamie Foxx to correct such an utterance. Obama’s silence on this matter implies agreement with Foxx. What a profound difference between the lives of Obama and Washington..

Did you know that sixteen (16) of the first eighteen (18) presidents who were college graduates were graduates from church related institutions of higher learning? What does graduation from these church related institutions say about the character, thought patterns, and service inclinations of our first leaders?

 In the early days of the republic, CONGRESS sent 20,000, yes, 20,000 bibles to the nations schools. They wanted students to learn from the scriptures, in more than one way. Now, the opposite has happened.

Have we forgotten how America’s spiritual roots have caused her to sprout and become a nation of exceptionalism? It was meant to be. To have this nation held in such high esteem that many across the globe feel her spirit and choose to be legal partakers of her citizenship and national blessings. What a standard!!

George Washington was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. He favored hard work, was humble and got ahead. He believed in and worked for the creation of the Constitution. George Washington did not care about being cool. Why? Because there was substance behind him as a man. His strengths were his integrity and honesty.

Barack Obama wants to transform the nation into a nation of economic slaves. A nation of dependency not work. He does not follow the Constitution. Remember, he’s slick, not cool. His suave approach to individual situations and life in general, is used to cover up his deep inadequacy and egotism. There is no substance in Barack Obama. How can you have trust and confidence in someone who regularly betrays you?

We have a president in office without morals. The nation has been served horribly by this president during his time in office. Of course, he would tell you otherwise.

Be comforted. Obamacare is falling apart. Good people in Congress are fighting to keep our country’s core principles as a republic, intact. Keep praying and we will work ourselves through this current maze of confusion. I promise.

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