Circular Conversations Get You Where?

When it feels like Obama and his minions have backed themselves into a corner, lying to us like no other, and rearranging previous explanations on Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA and other “REAL SCANDALS” for public consumption, they somehow wiggle themselves out of those frequent visits to the corner and reverse each particular scenario enough that what once was a blatantly obvious situation becomes blurry in subsequent discussions with “We, The People.” Hence, it appears as though these political professionals have become masters of deceit to the masses. I thought Satan and his followers were experts at that. Just saying.

The continual barrage of daily information coming from this administration which is patently false, is intended to derail the American people from what really matters. Hence, our decisions, in part, are based upon planned, intentionally confused messages sent to us, the public.

We must sort through the garbage and make our own determinations instead of having the truth told to us directly so that we can skip the sorting and just decide if what we’re hearing is right or not. Most of the time we hear double talk. Don’t the scriptures say that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways“?

I believe Saul Alinsky would be pleased with the way Barack Obama treats the American people. He would probably give high marks to the president for his devious, selfish, narcicisstic approach.

Many call him the “cool president”. He is not cool, he is slick. Slick intimates underhandedness doubled with a sly approach toward everything he involves himself in. Or doesn’t.

His press conferences are not credible. His state of the union addresses have had devilish deliveries to them.
His lies are so lucid that a congressman even called him out on one a few years ago during the state of the union report to “we, the people.”.

Everywhere you look there is his handprint favoring Islam.

He claims to love this country and the military but supports it little. He is suppose to defend the constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. He does neither. Instead he plays cards for a number of hours while the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s home is being conducted. Read further about that in recent news reports.

This president, in my opinion, is a man of very little character. His judgment is poor but he’s still slick. So slick in fact, that he got re-elected.

Let’s see how the rest of this play will turn out.

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