Here We Go Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Obama administration has delved deeper into the abyss of shape shifting and lies once again, keeping the truth from what really happened in Benghazi from coming out. We are now discovering what the Obama administration will actually go through to keep the truth from us, the American people.

Why would our government choose to change the names of those that can come forward with knowledge of the massacre at Benghazi? Why would our government allegedly create aliases for those who can shed light on this calculating charade of unfortunate mishaps and death and send them off to who knows where?

A logical, deductive conclusion one might come to is that there is much the government does not want us to know for fear that if we discovered such things, we might throw those responsible out of office quickly.

Below is a conversation with representative Trey Gowdy; R-South Carolina, and Greta Van Sustern, who share the same concerns:

Representative Darrell Issa had this to say about what is happening in this link:

There is a CNN report that blew this Benghazi incident wide open. Read the following link for additional information:

In this latest link, which is above, from THE BLAZE there is also a video from CNN in there. Pay close attention to it.

In an earlier posting of mine titled “THE CHARLATAN IS AT WORK”, written on March 1 of this year, I stated:

“Barack Obama is a charlatan at work. He has shown in his first term what type of personal and political chameleon he can be and the political intrigue he can develop and leave behind.

The dictionary defines a charlatan as “a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses”. Other synonyms for a charlatan are: quack, fraud, impostor and phony. Any of those synonyms fit the president? I believe they all fit him and are part of his character.

Charlatans are purposefully deceptive. They are very good at it.  Americans are trusting people and eventually we catch on. We have seen Obama’s  true colors, although it took some time.

Obama’s personal charisma along with a hint of political expertise at certain times, has helped him manufacture what he has hoped for: continual political instability and an uncertain monetary policy. He has presided over the biggest spending spree this nation has ever seen.

Stand clear of such influences for Satan is chief commander of all charlatans, the master of manipulation, the preeminent playwright of pretense and the giver of NO good.”

I stand by those words. They are proving to be even more true the more the president chooses to play with “We, the people”. He is ruining our heritage and nationalizing this nation into nothingness.

If you want to see your personal dreams fulfilled in this greatest of all nations, do your part to peacefully make the nation better. Whatever that may be is your decision.

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