The Diacotomy Of The Spent Dollar——–3/20/2013

Okay, I’m trying to figure the confusion Obama has created recently. What else is new?

So, let’s see. The sequester occurs. After that buffoon of a move, President Morsi, of Egypt, gets 250 million in US aid and our own White House tours are cancelled. Does that make sense?

According to President Obama,  immigrant felon criminals are released because of the sequester. Yet somewhere, there is 117 billion dollars of taxpayer monies unaccounted for. How does that work?

By the way, the sequester was President Obama’s idea. He initially denied that it was and later tacidly admitted that to be true. If that is the case, why did he lie? Interesting twist.

They kept the national St. Patrick’s day party on schedule but cancelled the Easter Egg party. I’m beginning to think that anything close to a Christ centered holiday finds Obama running in the other direction.

The Pentagon spent 7 billion dollars on nothing that had to do with the military. What is going on there? At the very least, gross mismanagement of sacred taxpayer funds.

Now Obama wants to do something worse and snoop through the FedEx and UPS packages that are delivered to you. It’s none of his business what’s in the packages you receive through those corporations. However, UPS is complying with the government’s request and FedEx is fighting it. Talk about privacy rights disappearing and Uncle Sam turning into your father. Watch out.

That’s all for now.

UPDATE: 6:10pm CST

According to the REAL NEWS news show [Glenn Beck channel], Senator Tom Coburn [R] Oklahoma, introduced a bill to keep the White House and National Parks open during regular hours. Senator Coburn had asked for an appropriation of eight (8) million dollars for this. The Senate defeated the measure 54-45.

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