No Noise Regarding the UN Small Arms Treaty—–3/19/2013

The blogosphere and other conservative media should be lighting up with stiff opposition to The UN Small Arms Treaty working its way through UN discussions right now. The United Nations shouldn’t even be involved in this discourse, yet, they are.

We are not only having to fight the left in the United States regarding the 2nd Amendment, we are now having to participate in an international discourse which leads the United States where——-regarding our own national debate?

One of the United Nations favorite things to do is to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong, but, that’s the UN for you, always sticking their nose in topics they should leave alone.

My point bloggers, rise up. Speak on this topic now. Do not wait until it appears futile. Rise up and we can defeat this ugly dragon and keep it out of UN policy and politics. Refuse to speak and you get what you deserve, international law over a United States sovereign, God given, inalienable right; THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

Are we going to let this happen to us?

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