The Charlatan Is At Work

Barack Obama is a charlatan at work. He has shown in both 4 year terms what type of personal and political chameleon he can be and the political intrigue he can develop and leave behind.

The dictionary defines a charlatan as:

“a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses”. Other synonyms for a charlatan are: quack, fraud, impostor and phony. Any of those synonyms fit the president? I believe they all fit him and are part of his character.

You cannot believe anything this president says. It has been so from the beginning.

His staff, particularly senior advisors David [Pastry] Pflouffe, Valerie Jarrett and former senior advisor David Axelrod, in my opinion, have the same charlatanesque qualities. That is something I would not be proud of.

In this foursome {Obama, Pflouffe, Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett}, I believe there are subtle but defiant twists to their charlatanesque personality distinctions; traits any honest and forthright individual would wish no one had.

Charlatans are purposefully deceptive. They are very good at it. So good, in fact, that their lack of integrity is defiantly defended and their blatant buffoonery is blindly believed by those whose senses are shallow and sluggish.

Americans are trusting people and eventually we catch on. We have seen Obama’s  true colors, although it took some time. The people eventually recognized the circular nature of his deception. It’s like a dog who runs continually after its tail unable to physically catch it. It makes the dog more and more dizzy and the results are zero, zilch, nada.

Barack Obama has made most of us dizzy. So dizzy with inaccurate facts, backtracking on stories and just plain LYING that his stance on certain issues is really unknown. He has been an excellent chameleon for the D. C. crowd but he has run out of colors to show. If truth hit him smack in the face he would not recognize it.

Obama’s personal charisma along with a hint of political expertise at certain times, has helped him manufacture what he has hoped for: continual political instability and an uncertain monetary policy. He has presided over the biggest spending spree this nation has ever seen.

If Obama were a doctor in charge of your health, would you trust his medical understanding or would you suspect he was performing medical malpractice?

He is performing spiritual, economic and social malpractice on our nation and he doesn’t even bat an eye in the process. He is power hungry, yet weak. He lies and has an untrustworthy spirit. He has advisors who serve him poorly and dishonestly. Or, and this is a distinct possibility, he is colluding with them to nail our nation into permanent hardship.

This is what this presidential charlatan has done for the nation. Prescriptions for spending our way out of a problem have not worked. Common sense would have told us that before this spending spree even started. Three separate stimulus packages have fallen flat on their faces. We are now some 17 trillion plus in the hole.

His going green programs have failed. Salyndra is a wide eyed example of such a dismal, unwise green policy. As planned, The Fed has devalued the dollar over time. Our unnecessary political apologies overseas have hurt our exceptionalism as a country and revisited our value as a nation in certain world leaders hearts and minds.

Obama does not see the United States as an exceptional nation. He wants to equalize its status with the rest of the world. As hard as Obama tries to accomplish this equality he will fail. He will fail because God has set this nation apart to accomplish great things. No mere mortal, especially Barack Obama, can undo such a holy process.

Remember, this nation was founded on timeless principles. The heavenly inspiration our founding fathers received to work out the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights was indeed that, heavenly inspiration. We are the greatest nation on earth with a grand purpose: to increase righteous freedom so individuals and families can grow, be happy and exercise the God given right of freedom to choose how one lives their life.

Finally, I want to puke but I must address this fallacy.

There are some in the world who have openly spoken of Barack Obama as being Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I bear solemn testimony that Barack Obama is not Jesus Christ nor the Messiah as some have professed. Such falsehoods are taught by the father of all lies, Satan himself.

Stand clear of such influences for Satan is chief commander of charlatans, the master of manipulation, the preeminent playwright of pretense and the giver of NO good.

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