Is Coal Going To Go By The Wayside?

A recent story reported by Reuters, dated September 19th, 2012, notes that because of increased EPA regulations, a coal power plant will be “mothballed.” The reporter on the story, Koustav Samata, brings us the following:

(Reuters) – A coal-fired power plant in Billings, Montana, will be mothballed starting in April 2015 because it will cost too much to comply with new emissions reductions required by the government, plant owner and operator PPL Montana said on Wednesday.

“Our detailed analysis has shown that to meet the emission reductions required by EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, we would need to invest $38 million in the Corette plant,” the company said in a statement.

“We simply cannot justify that level of spending in the current wholesale power market in the Northwest,” it added.

The plant will then be placed in reserve status, commonly called mothballing. Mothballing the Corette plant, rather than shutting it down permanently, gives PPL Montana the opportunity to resume operations at some point if conditions change.

PPL Montana is a subsidiary of PPL Corp.

This is one of 204 coal plants planning to shut down. I wonder if Obama has used what I call “thin air authority?” My definition of “thin air authority” is simply fabricated authority. Authority not delegated or even available, via the Constitution, but made out of “thin air” and implemented as if the authority always existed. Gee, that sounds like Obama’s modus operandi!!

Was there such latitude for the EPA to rightfully decide what they did in this case? I really wonder, are they stretching themselves to fit the circumstances to bring forth their desired outcome?

Obama stated in the beginning, when he was the Democratic nominee, that under his administration energy prices will “necessarily skyrocket.”  We got a warning; energy was going to be more expensive for us instead of cheaper to purchase. Shutting down 204 coal plants over the next several years is part of the strategy.

I have wondered, why hasn’t Reagan or Bush Sr. called for these shut downs? Even during the Clinton and Bush Jr. years we did not see these coal powered plants in danger. Now, all of a sudden we have 204 coal plants on the chopping block under Obama. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with that picture? I do.

Something is very fishy here, but, my hope is that coal does not go by the wayside.


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