All Of This Gives Me A Migraine

 This is a perplexing time we live in, especially under President Obama. I will describe eleven incidents, among many others, which have come to recent memory and given me a total migraine [figuratively]. Hope you have better insight into our president when I’m done. 

1) There’s communists in the White House. We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood there as well.

2) QE3 has passed, now we’re printing money. Mitt Romney called Ben Bernanke and asked him not to start the printing because our money would have less value. The plea fell on deaf ears. When Romney wins Bernanke is gone.

3) Obamacare became law of the land. This is an interesting one. At one point 63% of our nation rejected this horrible idea. Look at what happened, even though the nation spoke  out overwhelmingly against it. In Missouri, for example, 71% of the voters were clear, they did not want it. Clearly Obama is not listening and does not care for the needs of the nation. It is his socialist agenda that matters and nothing else.

4)  School lunch menus have been altered across the nation through Michelle Obama’s persistent efforts for mandatory veggies and other federal changes. While I agree that children should have a balanced diet at school as well as other places, it is education and the freedom to choose either direction on this issue which matters, not the King George III of England recipe that the government knows better than you. If you are not well versed in the science of nutrition, then LEARN IT.

5) What about 20 oz. sodas being illegal in New York City? A stupid mass suggestion by the way, carried out by no one other than Mayor “I am a republican progressive” Bloomberg. He’s the mayor who thinks you don’t know how to put your pants on correctly. I put mine on one leg at a time, don’t you? 

6) There has been an attack on religion nationwide. What about that major tiff between the Catholics and the administration? What of Obama’s attachment to Reverend Wright and his “liberation theology?” On several occasions, that I am aware of, President Obama has left out the phrase “one nation under God” while pledging allegiance to the flag. Isn’t that odd? Where is his allegiance? Is it to Indonesia, to the USA or someone or something else?

7) Obama’s not cool, he’s slick. There is quite a difference. He’s not suave, he’s got swagger. He’s not secure within himself, he’s a needy narcissist. 

8) The Sandra Fluke fiasco. She’s a thirty something activist, fronted by the Obama campaign to create this false “War On Women” theme. Didn’t you know the taxpayer should pay for her contraceptives? It’s the right thing to do! So she said before Congress. Yeah, right.

Try this novel thought on for size: if she wants contraceptives, why doesn’t she just go to the store and buy them herself instead of sticking the taxpayer with the bill? Oh, I know why. She needs her “mommy” to hold her hand at the store, where the needed supply for her carnal appitite exists, and say, “that’s alright dear, we’ll make it through the shopping line.”  She’s a taker.   

9) There’s the Libyan incident which left four of our brethren dead, including Ambassador Stevens. Reports have emerged that information was given to the government up to three days in advance of the attack. What a sickening scenario, if there’s confirmation of its truthfulness. They could’ve gotten everyone out of there and safe, ahead of time. Instead they’re all dead. A horrible outcome with a very disturbing uncertainty attached to its future. Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, we salute you with heavy hearts.

10) What about the latest incident with Israel? President Obama denies Prime Minister Netanyahu an audience with him because he must travel to see David Letterman and go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. These meetings were easily postponable. Instead, why does the President stiff arm the Israeli prime minister during one of Israel’s most urgent times of need? Is Obama that stupid or does he really want Israel to be annihilated at the hands of Iran? Very unwise move Mr. President.

11) Highjacking Of The Supreme Court: If President Obama receives another term from the American people, the Supreme Court Of The United States could become a nest of liberals interpreting the law. Try this on for size: A modified version of the 9th Circut in San Francisco sitting on the final of finals bench. That, my fellow Americans is very scary.  

These are some of the reasons why Barack Hussein Obama cannot be permitted to bring us further down to a figurative hell. Most importantly, he’s spending money we don’t have. This is both moral and fiscal irresponsibility. The best predictor of future behavior are past actions.

He is certainly unfit to govern the country. Release him now and bid him farewell.

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