Why Is Obama Ducking Responsibility?

The wounds of 9/11 were re-opened for our nation to a depth quite shocking on the 11th anniversary of this horrific national tragedy. The United States ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens is dead. Three other Americans died as well. They were all at our consulate in Benghazi.

There is much speculation as to why this happened. News reports with different spins on this story have helped create varying views as to the truth and the possible final outcome of this mess. However, we do know one thing for sure. I was witness to a video where some Libyan governmental official is explaining that it was the U. S. Consulate’s fault that the mob reached them.

Look, our ambassador and three other Americans are dead. It is not helpful to deflect responsibility where it does not belong, but, that part of the world is famous for carrying out such goofball decisions.

My understanding is that a host country, no matter whom the country is that is hosting, is to provide proper security for the other countries consulates and embassies in that particular nation.

What happened here? Why was there lacking extra security on September 11th? Was there collusion between Libyan security and this mob of insane zealots that killed these loyal Americans? I don’t know, but, it sure makes one think about the options.

What’s even more disturbing is the president snubbed his nose at the Israelis by saying NO to an urgent meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. His schedule was packed. So he said.

Instead of clearing part of his schedule to meet with Netanyahu, he flies off to Vegas for a fundraiser and then flies to New York to be on the David Letterman show. Indicates where the president’s priorities are. Would rather see Letterman, whom he can see any day of the week, than see the Israeli prime minister, who is thousands of miles away. His actions tell us, once again, he does not care for Israel.

You know what else is interesting to me. President Obama holds zero cabinet meetings. Why is that? Maybe everyone else is not to be on the same page, for reasons unknown. Interesting.

He did not act like a president who wanted to back Israel. Know what I think? I think he’s forcing Netanyahu to go it alone. Once Netanyahu feels he has no other choice and has exhausted all options, Obama can claim whatever he wants regarding this strange relationship.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, do not feel discouraged. The people of The United States support Israel, it’s our goofball president that has confused this relationship so that you do not know how to feel about it. Come November, we’re confident the confusion will end.

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