Numbers Don’t Lie Even If Politicians Do

Apologies to anyone who may have wondered if I forgot to write more regarding our president. I did not, but, my computer blew up between the time I went to bed Thursday nite and woke up Friday morning. Probably my punishment for watching Obama speak Thursday night.

I wanted to present you with some hard facts. These facts are presented in the context of a THEN and NOW continuim. These stats were obtained from the Sept. 2nd, 2012 progam of FOX NEWS SUNDAY. These facts were presented when David Axelrod, chief campaign manager for the Obama clan, was on the program.

The sources of this information come from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics  [BLS], Sentler Research, Dept. Of Energy  [DOE] and the Dept. Of United States Treasury.

These facts are when Obama was inagurated until the Sept. 02, 2012 FOX NEWS SUNDAY report.

Obams takes office——————THEN                            NOW

UNEMPLOYMENT                         7.8%                                    8.3%

Median Household Income           $54,983                            $50,964      [$4,019.00 drop]

Gasoline                                    $1.85/gal                      $3.78/gal [$1.93 per gallon increase]

National Debt                        $10.6 trillion                    $15.9 trillion    [over 16 trillion now]

Business leaders make decisions on a number of factors when it comes to hiring and firing people. If Obama was a CEO of a very reputable company and his Board of Governors read these statistics about their company, they would have fired him yesterday and he would be out looking for work immediately. You can’t run a business like that. Customers would wonder what planet you came from.

The current national Hispanic unemployment rate is 10.3%. That’s 2 full percentage points above the national average. If you factor in what FOX calls Discouraged Workers the rate jumps from 10.3% to 19%. That’s almost double the amount for our hispanic brothers and sisters.

Obama opposes the Keystone oil pipeline. One story estimates between 10,000-20,000 jobs would be created. Why is Obama opposing such a move? Because this is one of many steps he wants to take to downgrade American exceptionalism and keep us equal among all nations. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen in spite of us going ever deeper down the road of socialism. See a pattern here?

Don’t get sick over all these numbers, just wonder when 2016 comes where gas prices will be or if the debt will continue to increase. Will your income increase or decrease? What about employment figures 4 years out? Up or down? I contend it depends what man we choose to become the next CEO of the nation. I want Romney.

Obama must learn to do what is right for this nation. He is a selfish, self-centered, arrogant national CEO. His arrogance and self-centeredness is mistakenly described as being cool.He has little concern for this nation. His only objective is to satisfy the oligarchs currently pulling the puppet strings for his presidency.

Talk to you soon.

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