“We Gotta Let Em Go”!!

Clint Eastwood, a quintessential, Hollywood conservative “tough guy,” made his mark at the GOP convention with one of the more memorable lines of the night. He said:

“When somebody does not do the job, we gotta let em go”!! That sentence drew sustained applause from the conservative faithful. Truth was spoken there.

Marco Rubio laid out the case for a Romney presidency and then came Romney.

Romney is dignified. That’s what we want in our president. He is presidential. That’s what we want in our president. He has compassion for others. That’s what we want in our president. He has a “right thinking” mind and is truthful. That’s what we want in our president. He recognizes and supports American exceptionalism. That’s what we want in our president.

Mitt is humble, prayerful, yet confident and competent. That’s what we want in our president. He recognizes this country as an inspired one with God at the helm. That’s what we want in our president. He encourages individual accomplishment and initiative through hard work. That’s what we want in our president.

President Obama, however, is a different cookie in the cookie jar. He is not presidential, he is slick. He’s not dignified, he’s full of egotistical swagger. He’s not humble—he has a lopsided, inflated sense of self-importance. He may or may not be compassionate but certainly he is not right thinking. He does not recognize “American exceptionalism.” He wants this country to be equal in stature with all others.

God has so ordained America to be different from the rest of the world.

That is why the weary, hungry and tired come to America because they know they have a fair chance of making it here. If America was equal in stature with all other countries, coming here to improve your personal and/or family life would make little difference, right?

If we were on equal footing with all other countries, those weary, tired and hungry could leave their country and go to Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Costa Rica or Ireland. These countries are mostly good. However, America is great. America has exceptionalism built into herself because of God and the foreordained purposes He has for this nation.

Part of America’s inspired purpose is to be a beacon of light to those who choose to legally come to her shores. To have equal opportunity to pursue happiness. To have equal opportunity to have a happy life with liberty attached to it.

That’s not what Obama wants for you and I. He wants us to be shackled with indebtedness, both spiritual and temporal. He wants us to slide deeper into socialism, not prosperity through capitalism. He wants the wrong things for America and I think he knows it.

By the way, if Obama believes in being his brother’s keeper, why isn’t he helping to take care of his step-brother George? After all, he’s family, right? Instead of Obama helping his brother, an author named Dinesh D’Souza sent Obama’s stepbrother $1000.00 for his son’s surgery. That should tell you something about D’Souza.  Does that tell you something about this cocky, self-centered, narcicisstic president?

It will “make my day”, as Clint Eastwwod would say, once the voters of this great land have their say in November and release this incompetent, free spending president from his high office duties and replace him with Mitt Romney.

“When somebody does not do the job, we gotta let em go.”

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