The First Full Night 8/28

Wow!! The first night of the GOP Convention was a killer of an evening! Ted Cruz, Mia Love, Rick Santorum, Ann Romney and Chris Christie. What a dinner and prime time lineup!

There was an air of urgency yet focused optimism to complete the tasks we must to save America. This excitement extended beyond a typical GOP Convention spirit. This opening night had purpose. The purpose of taking America back. Of recognizing again, party philosophical roots and American exceptionalism. Recognizing that Mitt Romney is the individual that will extricate us from this fiscal and moral American nightmare.  A distant memory this terrible tragedy will be as we do our part through the principle of hard work, great decisions and continued love for and committment to America.

I thought Ann Romney’s comments humanizing Mitt were just right. In describing her husband’s desire to help others she said this:

“Mitt doesn’t like to talk about helping others because he sees it as a privilege not a political talking point.”

What does that indicate to you? I’ll tell you what it indicates to me. It indicates a deep sense of humility. The type of humility you feel as you work with God to help others. When you work with God to help others, for the right reasons, you do consider it a privilege, no matter what your station in life may be. When you allow God to use you as an instrument to get things done for or to help others, it is a privilege. That’s why Mitt does things quietly, without fanfare; because He loves his God.

Rep. Artur Davis recently converted from the Democrat to Rebublican Party. In his speech early Tuesday evening at the convention, he said that there was a “moral case for free enterprise”. He stated that thus far there were “lessons learned” during the Obama administration and that in 2012 this “mistake” would be “corrected” with the election of Mitt Romney as President Of The United States.

Governor Chris Christie hit an out of the park homerun with his keynote address. He discussed many of the values Pepublicans cherish and stated that the “era of absentee leadership” on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was over. He proclaimed Mitt Romney knew how to help us all get out of the severe quagmire this nation is in. I happen to agree 1000%.


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