No One Else But Missourians

This Todd Akin thing has worn me out and is a very disturbing trend with establishment Republicans.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why this has dragged on and on. Akin has apologized for the gaffe he made; times 100. Now the story has 17 layers of garbage connected to it that matter; how?

It is the people who live in the state of Missouri that decide whether Todd Akin goes to the Senate or not. No one else. We have the right and the responsibility to judge his character and determine the degree of his honesty and conservative principles. We choose  whether Todd Akin is fit to serve the people of Missouri or not. No one else. And that goes for any state in the union.

Look, politically he shot himself in one foot. We don’t need the RNC, or any other national figure, to take their political guns out and shoot him in the other foot. How infantile is that; to help create the walking wounded amongst your own?

The RNC and others of national prominence should not interfere with the sovereign right Missourians have to elect or not elect those who have chosen to run for office. The RNC has done enough and said enough. Akin has done enough and said enough. The political  games stop here and now. I repeat, the political games stop here and now.

Akin has the best chance of defeating Claire McCaskill in this Missouri Senate race. Let’s work while we can Missourians and strive to get the Senate back.

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