Crist Endorsement And Budget Thoughts

On one hand it could mean something. On the other hand it could mean nothing. No, I’m not talking about Hurricane Issac hitting Florida shores and affecting the Republican convention in Tampa. I’m talking about former Governor Charlie Crist coming out of nowhere and endorsing Obama for re-election the day before that convention. You have got to be kidding me.

Floridians, watch out. This last minute tactic provides for drama but little substance for the president or Crist. Think Crist might be offered a Cabinet position? Being with Charlie Crist the day before the start of the republican convention means little. Don’t fall for his fangled speech Floridians.

I can understand Crist’s disgust with so called establishment republican politics. He dislikes it so much that he officially becomes an independent. I get that. I’m all for independence. But to call Obama “the right leader for our times” and to back Obama’s irrational, intentional, unjustified spending spree of taxpayer dollars? Absolutely not. 

Instead, guess what happened? Mr. Crist gets a place at the podium when the Democrats convene for their convetion starting Sept.4th.  Think that was a backdoor move! 

I have a budget. I need to stay within the parameters my budget allows. I must be wise and prudent in my personal spending. Where’s the United States budget? Where’s the stewardship of US citizen taxpayer monies? Our president has been having a four year party on steroids at the expense of the next several generations of United States citizens. Either he doesn’t recognize this is the case or he does and it matters not to him. I believe it matters not to him. Isn’t that a terrible way to feel? To leave several generations holding the bag when you could have done something significant about it? To want to be everything to everyone but being spread out too thin to satisfy anyone? Personality disorder here? Just saying.

Something to think about as we start the winding down scenes of this political cycle.

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