Thank You Tampa!

I would personally like to thank those businesses in Tampa, Florida which chose to refrain from billboard advertising either Mitt Romney’s religion or Barack Obama religion, as the convention approaches. This is wise. 

While we, as Americans, have the God-given right to use the freedom of speech doctrine within the confines the Constitution describes, there is something else of synonomous, if not paramount importance here. That is the proper use of wisdom. In this case, proper wisdom supercedes the use of freedom of speech rights so urgently felt by Mr. Sullivan, a nationwide spokesman for an atheist group which put up billboards in Charolette, North Carolina disparaging Mormonism, Mitt Romney’s religion. It was unwise, unkind and a see through tactic providing additional distraction from the real issues at hand.

This was, and is, a politically childish move. As a human being, it is inhumane to degrade another and their spirit. Using religion to attack a candidate in this way, no matter who it is, is a backdoor approach for political suicide. I believe Obama is helping to cut his own throat by allowing such behavior to occur. Whether this be done directly by the candidates or indirectly by others professing usage of the freedom of speech provision within our inspired Constitution, is totally inappropriate.

Thank you Tampa, Florida, for seeing through the garbage and having the morals to stand up and say “not here”. Thank you very much.

Let it be known, through full disclosure, I am a proud and happy member of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, sometimes referred to as Mormons. I live my religion the best way I know how and encourage anyone who wants to know more, to talk to someone who is a member of the church.

Thank you again, Tampa. I look forward to watching, with excitement, the convention. I am grateful to you for choosing and doing the right thing.

And that’s Valenti’s View.

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