Lies Anyone? Serving Them For Dinner!

I want to pueke, again!!

Barack Obama’s minion, Harry Reid, has implied Mitt Romney is a tax cheat. Romney has been forecasted by others as a felon and even a woman hater! Recently Mitt became a murderer by implication and gossip. Gossip is vicious, potentially injurious and destructive. It reaks with the spirit of tearing down someone.

Some dipstick in an Obama favored super pac campaign commercial was the implier of such gossip. I wonder if I can say, that in this case, if you imply, you lie?

Oh, and don’t forget, Ann Romney was just a Mom. Excuse me, what are these pinheads talking about? Just a mom? She has the most important job in all mankind, raising children and influencing grandchildren to have well-adjusted lives in preparation for the real adult world.

The media and others downplay and even degrade and disrespect mothers for staying home to rear stable children with standards that will bless their towns, cities and even our nation. The choice to be a full time Mom  should never feel like a second or third rate choice. It is a first rate choice because children come first. Strong families with worthwhile values keep The United States Of America strong.

I know there are mothers who either choose to work or must work through necessity or family adaptation. I get that. My point however, was that full time mothers should be treated with dignity and respect for the choices they make for their children and their home.

Well, let’s see; Mitt is not a felon. He has always paid his taxes. He has given over 3 million dollars to charity in 2011 alone. Do Mitt and Ann put their money where their mouths are and help others?  Think so. Wonder what Barack and Michelle gave in 2011 to help others? Or is it Michelle and Barack? Just saying.

Mitt has never murdered anyone, by implication, destructive gossip or otherwise. If he did, Mitt would be wearing a penitentiary jumpsuit, serving prison time somewhere instead of running for the penitentiary in Washington, D.C. whose address happens to be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mitt has been married to his one wife, Ann, for, I believe, 42 years. They have five sons and Ann Romney has raised them well. All five of them are positive contributors to society. They have oodles of grandkids and they all love each other. Pretty good, huh?

Mitt is clean cut and deeply religious. He served as a missionary for two years in France working with people who wanted to know more about Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Mitt is a qualified businessman. He has turned companies around and is a job creator. He fixed the mess the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics were in. Now, he wants to help the nation get itself out of its current fiscal quagmire. Gee, I think he just wants to serve the country he loves for the right reasons.

My guess is that Mitt will not accept the yearly presidential salary of $400,000.00. That will save the country $1.6 million in government salary over his first four years.

I think people are beginning to see the desperation the Obama people have. They can’t find anything on Romney because his life has been a clean one.  Not perfect but clean.

So, guess what? Things have been made up out of thin air to get the nation gossiping instead of talking about real issues that matter. Once we, the people, demand that Obama be honest with this nation instead of circumventing topics that have meat on their bones, we’ll see him lose in November.

If Obama talks about his record, he and his campaign strategists know they will fall into a figurative vat of quicksand and forever disappear from the electoral scene. Obama has no record to run on.

While smooth in his appearance and charismatic in his  presentations, Obama’s Marxist preferences, misguided thinking and zero leadership skills, have been, and still are, corrosive for the country.

What would the founding fathers think of this moral and fiscal crisis? They would want to correct this course immediately. This is not the government the United States of America and its people should be happy with.  The United States will be restored to its greatness. Mitt Romney can do that.

And that’s Valenti’s View for you.

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