A Preface To Principles Of Liberty


There are twenty eight principles of freedom and liberty our founding fathers wholeheartedly supported to govern this nation properly. These principles must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity and freedom.

 It is urgent these principles be considered by the current generation and every generation thereafter; to keep the light of freedom burning bright forever in America.

 These 28 principles are laid out in a book titled “The 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen. This principle based approach to our constitution helps explain the conundrum we currently face with all levels of government and why we must revert to principles our founding fathers originally established and deemed vital for this country.

 Refusal to learn and apply these principles adopted by the founders will continue to cause the United States pain, anguish and dysfunction at every level of government.

Moreover, it is good for everyone to become familiar with these principles. The 5000 Year Leap was written for the purpose of helping the electorate [you and I], recognize true principles under which our constitutional government must operate.

 One of the twenty eight principles detailed in The 5000 Year Leap is the value of a strong, local government and the vital role localities have in solutions to their problems. The closer to home the answers are the better off the nation will be.

 Familiarity with these principles will foster a deeper love for our country. Let us latch on to the inspired thinking and action of our founding fathers.

 American conservative columnist George Will has spoken of a type of liberalism in current American culture called “supervisory liberalism.” That means that we, the American people, do not know what is in our best interest and it is the job of the government to tell us what is.

 Mr. Will and his definition of supervisory liberalism is correct. This type of liberalism does not work because it is akin to a socialistic or communistic approach to local, state or federal concerns.

“Supervisory liberalism” is totally contrary to the principles of freedom and liberty. It is not what America is about. It is not what our founding fathers stood for.

 We are experiencing a portion of “supervisory liberalism” now. An excellent example of it is that in one state, Missouri, 71% of Missourians rejected Obamacare. That’s an overwhelming majority, 71%.Yet that amount of rejection by the people of Missouri meant nothing because of “supervisory liberalism” practiced by our current president.

 The 5000 Year Leap can help us recognize these trends. It can help us convey our concerns with confidence to our leaders. I recommend its purchase. Search for its availability in a local bookstore or talk to the committee chairman of your county for its location.












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